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Parineetii 15th December 2023 Written Update: Neeti takes Parineet’s place

Parineetii 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the Bajwa family welcoming the priest. They discover that Parineet and Sanju have not yet arrived at the temple. Parminder mentions that they left early and they did not see them on the way. Bebe thinks that it is a good thing they haven’t arrived yet, as they may have had an accident on the way. Just then, Parineet and Sanju arrive at the temple. The priest suggests starting the pooja as soon as possible. Neeti also arrives at the temple. Parineet and Sanju sit for the pooja. The priest instructs Parminder that the ladies should pour holy water on Parineet to cleanse the Haldi, while the men should do the same for Sanju. The rituals begin, and Sanju smiles at Parineet, creating an emotional moment for Neeti. Sanju and Parineet share a meaningful glance. Once the rituals are over, the priest asks them to change their clothes. He instructs Parineet to wear a ghunghat on her head during the pheras and not remove it. Neeti, feeling jealous, observes everything.

Parineet asks Chandrika to go and worship while she changes her clothes. Chandrika suggests that she can do it later, but Neeti keeps a close eye on them. Neeti, with her face covered, stands behind Parineet. Parineet tells Chandrika that it seems they will have to wait for a long time and asks her to leave. Neeti thinks that Parineet is not taking her side and decides to ensure that she doesn’t leave the room. Meanwhile, Monty asks Sanju if he is sure about this wedding. Sanju nods in affirmation, and Monty expresses his suspicion due to Sanju’s confidence. He advises Sanju not to leave Parineet again and assures him that he won’t. Parineet enters the room, and Neeti locks her inside. Neeti takes Parineet’s chunri and wears her slippers, covering her face with the veil. Neeti comes out, and Sanju mistakes her for Parineet due to the slipper. He prevents her from falling, which pleases Neeti. Parineet realizes that someone has locked her in the room and wonders who could have done it.

Monty feels jealous seeing Babli with Jai and compliments her attire. Monty asks Babli what she thinks about Jai, and she asks if he’s jealous. Monty denies it and says that she is perfect for him. Sanju arrives there, and Babli questions why Parineet is wearing such clothes when she usually doesn’t. Little does she know that Neeti is under the veil. Monty says that it’s her wedding, so she can try new things. Neeti feels betrayed, thinking that she considered Babli as her sister, but Babli is Parineet’s sister. Neeti is determined to snatch their happiness. Sanju asks Babli and Monty to stop arguing, and he and Neeti seek the priest’s blessings. The priest informs Sanju that they have to take the pheras around the tree, symbolizing their togetherness. Neeti believes that she was meant to be with Sanju and no one can separate them. Monty asks his father if what the priest said is true, and his father confirms it. Meanwhile, Parineet cries for help and prays to God to send someone to rescue her.

The priest instructs everyone to clean their hands before the pooja. Monty questions why they should clean their hands if Sanju is performing the pooja. The priest explains that everyone should participate in the pooja. The priest then asks Sanju and Neeti to take the pheras.

Episode ends.

Precap: Parineet is in a dilemma.


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