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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th December 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi learns Simran’s truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Kaashvi and Arjun are waiting for Simran when suddenly they are shocked to see her fall from the terrace. Simran tells Kaashvi that she wants to confess something to her. This leaves Arjun and Kaashvi even more shocked.

A few minutes earlier, Kaashvi finds out that Micky is in jail because he refused to leave Simran. Aditya informs her about Simran’s phone call. Kaashvi questions why he didn’t inform her yesterday, to which he replies that he will talk to Micky and goes inside.

Meanwhile, Karun is crying and Mahima asks him why. He reveals that he met Kaashvi and tells her everything. Mahima tells him that she had warned him not to see Kaashvi’s face. She believes Kaashvi is a bad person and is relieved that Karun won’t meet her again. She thinks that Kaashvi won’t find out that Karun is her son.

Kaashvi tells Micky that she understands his love for Simran. She explains that Simran has a husband and a son, so Micky’s love could disrupt her family. Kaashvi adds that if Simran can leave her husband and son for Micky, she could also leave Micky for someone else. Micky argues that Kaashvi’s love for him is incomplete, which is why she’s saying all this. He brings up Arjun and Kaashvi’s story.

Aditya overhears their conversation and discovers that Arjun is Kaashvi’s ex-husband. He realizes that Kaashvi still loves Arjun and believes she deserves the best in the future. Aditya realizes he has no place in Kaashvi’s future and walks away.

Kaashvi reveals to Micky that she married Arjun despite knowing he didn’t love her. She reminds him that Simran has a son. Micky tells her that the child is not Simran’s son but Harman’s. He explains that Harman’s family doesn’t want anyone to know that the child was born from Harman’s first wife. Micky reveals that Simran was forced to marry Harman because he gave money to her parents. He adds that Simran loves him and deserves to be happy. This revelation leaves Kaashvi shocked. Micky expresses that he can’t live without Simran, and Kaashvi offers to help him win her back.

Aditya asks Dadi why she didn’t tell him that Arjun is Kaashvi’s ex-husband. Dadi apologizes and explains that Kaashvi should be the one to reveal this truth. Aditya decides not to force Kaashvi to love him.

Kaashvi confides in Arjun and he assures her that he will help her. Aditya sees them together and decides not to come between them. Kaashvi tells Aditya everything and he promises to help her.

The episode ends with a preview of Kaashvi telling Simran to get ready to elope with Micky.


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