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Pandya Store 13th December 2023 Written Update: Dhawal misses Natasha

Pandya Store 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Pandya Store begins with Suman realizing that something is wrong when the store is demolished. She apologizes to Natasha for not understanding earlier and they share an emotional moment as Natasha hugs her. Chiku also apologizes to Natasha and decides to return to the Pandya house. Natasha acknowledges that it’s time to move on.

Meanwhile, Dhawal is seen drinking alcohol alone and feeling intoxicated. He can’t stop thinking about Natasha and believes it’s better for her if he stays away from her. Hetal cleans Dhawal’s room and tidies up Natasha’s cupboard, reminiscing about the memories they shared together.

Amba informs Hetal that Natasha will not be returning. She collects Natasha’s clothes and decides to return them to her. Dhawal imagines Natasha sitting next to him and holds her hand, only to realize it’s his friend. His friend tells him that he is actually in love with Natasha. Natasha, on the other hand, has trouble sleeping as she recalls her divorce and feels anxious. Suman consoles her.

In another scene, Isha is sleeping in her room when she is suddenly kidnapped. However, it turns out to be Chiku’s imagination as he imagines tying Isha to a chair and seeking revenge on the Makwanas for causing pain to Natasha.

Amresh is troubled by Dhawal’s refusal to hug him after Natasha left. Amba comforts him and encourages him to get Natasha and Dhawal’s relationship completely broken and separated before Dhawal weakens. Chiku picks up a stick, planning to take action against the Makwanas, but Suman stops him. Suman advises him to find a different approach to punish the Makwanas without resorting to violence.

Pranali asks Hetal if she has spoken to Natasha, but Hetal reveals that Natasha did not answer her call. A lawyer hands over divorce papers to Amresh, shocking Amba. The lawyer explains that the divorce process will take time. Natasha asks Suman why she called her to the matrimonial office. The lawyer suggests that the only way to expedite the process is to prove that Natasha is mentally unstable.

Dhawal arrives and insists that no false allegations should be made against Natasha, regardless of how long the process takes. The lawyer suggests that if Natasha is not mentally ill, they can prove that she is characterless. The police encourage Natasha to file a case against the Makwanas, and Suman agrees. However, Natasha hesitates. Dhawal loses his temper and hits the lawyer, but his brothers calm him down. The lawyer questions Dhawal’s love for his wife if he is willingly getting separated. Natasha is shocked to see a group of ladies gathered to protest against the Makwanas, organized by Suman. The episode ends with Suman urging them to march to the Makwana house.

Natasha and Dhawal will be given six months’ time, but Natasha will refuse. The lawyer will set a date for next week and inform them that they might be able to get divorced immediately since they didn’t consummate their marriage.


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