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May I Come In Madam 13th December 2023 Written Update: Sajan warns Ramvati

May I Come In Madam 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of “May I Come In Madam” begins with Sanjana confronting Sajan about what happened. Sajan stumbles over his words and indirectly warns Sanjana about Kashmira. However, Sanjana asks him to calm down and enjoy the moment, before ending the call. Sajan rushes back home, leaving Khiloni upset.

Meanwhile, Kashmira tries to get Ramvati’s attention by resting her head on her lap. At the same time, Sanjana and Chedilal arrive at Sajan’s house. Sajan tries to stop them from entering, claiming that his priest has advised against fixing the alliance on that day. However, both Chedilal and Sanjana ignore his pleas and proceed inside. Sajan becomes worried when Sanjana calls out for Kashmira from outside. Kashmira hears her voice and attempts to go out, but Ramvati stops her by lying and saying she is hallucinating, putting her to sleep.

Meanwhile, Sanjana approaches Sajan’s house. Sajan informs Chedilal about Kashmira’s anger and pleads with him to stop Sanjana from entering. Chedilal is shocked by Sajan’s statement but decides to respect the priest’s instructions. He stops Sanjana from going inside and gives a vague excuse for his sudden change in decision. Sajan feels relieved.

The next day, Ramvati asks Sajan if Sanjana and Chedilal visited their house the previous day, to which he nods affirmatively. Sajan then warns Ramvati about the consequences if anything happens to Sanjana. Ramvati tells him how she prevented Kashmira from leaving the room the previous day. Sajan feels happy, and they share a handshake. Bhupesh interrupts their conversation and Sajan reprimands him for interfering. They argue, but the argument is cut short when Kashmira arrives looking tired. Sajan asks her about the reason behind her fatigue, and Kashmira vents out her frustration about not being able to sleep well. She also shares a nightmare she had about an alien. Bhupesh and Ramvati laugh at her, but then they notice an alien nearby and scream. Sajan and Kashmira also get shocked. Bubbly arrives and reveals that it was her cousin Bittu wearing an alien mask to scare people. Kashmira worries that her nightmares might come true.

Later, Sajan meets Sanjana in the office. Sanjana expresses her desire for more entertainment in her life, especially after learning about Chedilal and Ramvati’s romantic relationship. Sajan upsets her with his ideas, but she suggests going out for a drink together. Sajan calls Kashmira and lies to her about Khiloni’s grandfather being seriously ill, convincing her to let him go. He then informs Khiloni about his lie and his plan to have a drink with Sanjana. Khiloni scolds Sajan for always involving his family. Sajan ends the call.

Meanwhile, Chedilal and Ramvati flirt and tease each other over the phone, expressing how much they miss each other. At the same time, Sanjana and Sajan have their drinks together. Sanjana compares Sajan to her pet and they eventually leave for their respective homes. Meanwhile, Kashmira screams and tells Ramvati that she fears Sajan is in trouble. On the other hand, Sanjana accidentally hits someone with her car, shocking both her and Sajan.

In the upcoming episode, Kashmira questions Sajan about the bloodstains on his shirt. Later, Sajan advises Sanjana not to involve the police. However, they are both shocked when Vinod arrives at the office to arrest Sanjana.


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