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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th December 2023 Written Update: Kuldeep wants to spoil the life of Vijay

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Kunal and Vandana have a conversation about some official matters. However, Tara interrupts their conversation and asks Vandana to come home immediately. Kunal realizes that Vandana is going through a mental dilemma because her father, Vijay, did not give his blessing to their relationship. According to Vijay, Kunal is not the right man for Vandana. Kunal decides to approach Vijay and ask for forgiveness. He promises to support Vandana through all difficulties and ensure her happiness.

Kunal humbly seeks Vijay’s blessing and both Vandana and Kunal touch his feet. Although Vijay is in a state of confusion, he eventually blesses them. However, deep down, he still struggles to accept their marriage and retreats into his room. Vandana feels hurt by this, but Kunal firmly holds her hand for support.

Meanwhile, Pammi becomes irritated upon seeing Kunal bowing down to Vijay and decides to inform Kuldeep about Kunal’s change in character. Later on, Vandana and Kunal are warmly welcomed into the Malhotra household, where they celebrate their engagement with grandeur. Vandana is overjoyed by the celebration, and Tara is thrilled to have her dream girl by her side. Vedika blesses Kunal and Vandana for a happy married life, and Kunal thanks her for the kind words. Everyone gives their blessings to the couple, while Guneet asks Atya about Vijay’s reaction, to which Atya replies that it will take time for him to accept the reality.

After some time, Pammi goes to open the door, and Kuldeep secretly enters the house without being seen by anyone. Kuldeep is furious because Kunal is not maintaining his enmity towards Vijay. He cannot accept the fact that Kunal is marrying the daughter of his enemy. There have been incidents between Kuldeep and Vijay that have heightened Kuldeep’s animosity.

Kuldeep has ousted Vijay from the company because Vijay refused to give permission to use his composition. Kuldeep intentionally sabotages Kunal and Vandana’s marriage to punish Vijay and seek revenge.

The episode ends, and in the upcoming episode, Kunal will continue to support Vandana. Tara will approach Vandana and suggest exchanging the wedding ring with Kunal. They will exchange rings, and Tara will be overwhelmed to witness their engagement. However, Soniya will make an appearance at the same time.


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