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Imlie 13th December 2023 Written Update: Agastya misunderstands Imlie

Imlie 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie knocking on the door of Biswa’s house to retrieve her phone. Imlie enters the house and discovers the same mysterious mask in Biswa’s house. She is shocked to see the mask and is surprised to find Biswa standing there. Imlie asks Biswa why the mask is there without him. Biswa explains that he ordered the mask to help solve a case. Imlie tells Biswa that she came back to get her phone.

Agastya bumps into Imlie outside Biswa’s house and asks her for good news. Imlie reveals that she knows he closed the bar. She explains that the bar was of no use to her and she found her first client from the outhouse.

Amma ji sends a food platter for Bulbul through Jugnu. Alka tells Amma ji that she should send Bulbul back home and not provide her with any further treatment. Amma ji explains that Bulbul is still traumatized and her medical condition is not well. Rajni interjects and says that she doesn’t have a problem with Bulbul because she was the one who revealed the truth about not knowing Karam when Imlie accused him. Alka argues that their Karam is like a diamond and Bulbul doesn’t match his status. She describes Bulbul as a juggler and claims that she has no match with Karam. Bulbul informs Amma ji that she is leaving because her mother will be back soon. Bulbul agrees with Alka and admits that she has no match with Karam.
Agastya asks Imlie about her first client.

Imlie reveals that it’s Biswa. Agastya praises Biswa, stating that he is a respectable man and a police officer. Imlie explains that Biswa knows her talent well. Just then, Imlie receives a call from Biswa. She puts the phone on speaker mode and starts talking. Biswa informs Imlie that she needs to make arrangements for 200 people instead of 150. He compliments Imlie’s talent and she offers him a special discount as he is her first client. Biswa encourages Imlie to take the advance payment. Agastya intervenes and stops Imlie from doing what she’s thinking.
Agastya gets angry at Imlie and she starts teasing him.

Rajni tells Govind that she wants to give Imlie a saree because she misunderstood her. Rajni asks Navya for the saree, intending to gift it to Imlie. Navya becomes angry and stands up. Sonali informs Navya that she knows Imlie promised not to attend Shivani’s engagement. Navya questions Sonali about how she found out. Sonali explains that Imlie doesn’t say anything to her and she heard the news from someone else. Sonali asserts that it’s Imlie’s right to attend all the functions. Navya expresses her aversion to seeing Imlie in any occasion due to her past profession. Sonali reassures Navya that Imlie is no longer working in bars.

Agastya confronts Biswa angrily about the deal between him and Imlie. Biswa tells Agastya that he can handle the business of sweets, but Imlie can’t. Biswa hands pamphlets to Agastya and explains that he gave the order to Imlie after seeing this advertisement.

Imlie approaches her friend and convinces her to help make the sweets. She assures her friends that she will find a way to get their jobs back. Agastya comes over and takes Imlie aside. He questions why she didn’t tell him about the fact. Imlie explains that she didn’t have time to explain. Agastya argues that she should have at least informed his family and that she had no right to hurt them. Imlie counters that she already informed his family about the business idea.

Imlie tells Agastya that she is hurt just like him because he closed the bar and made their friends jobless. She accuses Agastya of being selfish and afraid that she would work in a bar again. Imlie reveals the problems her friends faced and the reasons behind their work in the bar. She tells Agastya that he made them jobless and has no right to accuse or stop anyone from working in a bar. Imlie expresses that he will never understand the pain and agony her friends went through and warns that he will blame them if anything happens.

Biswa receives a call from his manager, who informs him that someone from Chaudhary’s sweets has come to meet him. Sonali takes the phone and speaks, mentioning that it’s a family business. Sonali wants to meet the person to clear any doubts and misunderstandings. Sonali asks for the person’s name, and at the same time, Navya tells Biswa to have lunch. Sonali overhears the name “Biswa” in the background. Biswa tells Navya that Sonali wants to meet them, and Navya becomes worried that Sonali might have heard her mention Biswa’s name. Sonali is now certain that Biswa is the sleeping partner.

Precap: Imlie misses her aunt, and Agastya declares that he never wants to see his mother’s face again.


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