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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th December 2023 Written Update: Isha gets emotional

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ishaan encouraging Savi to concentrate on her studies. A ward boy interrupts and informs Ishaan that the doctor is calling for him. Ishaan leaves to attend to the call.

Bhavani arrives and inquires about the identity of the person with Savi. Savi explains that Ishaan is her professor. Bhavani questions why he is helping her so much. Savi assures Bhavani that Ishaan not only assists her but also helps everyone. Savi asks Bhavani why she is so curious about it. Bhavani responds that men don’t usually help women without any ulterior motive. Savi informs Bhavani that she always has issues with people who offer help, just like Isha. Savi also reveals that Ishaan is Isha’s son and suggests that Bhavani should express her gratitude towards him. Bhavani retorts that Savi should also express her gratitude towards her. Bhavani reminds Savi of how she felt after Savi left their family during the wedding. Bhavani mentions that all of Savi’s mistakes are forgiven because of her heroic act of saving Ninad. Bhavani also shares her disappointment in Vinu’s selfish behavior, as he showed her the flaws in her upbringing. Bhavani commends Savi for proving that a girl can be better than a boy.

Harini suggests that everyone should eat since they haven’t had anything since morning. Savi urges Vinu to eat and forget about what happened. Vinu agrees with Bhavani’s earlier statement about his selfishness. Savi encourages Vinu to let it go. Vinu proposes that Savi feed him with her own hands as a way to forgive him. Savi agrees.

Isha visits Savi at the hospital. Bhavani approaches Isha and acknowledges that Ninad is alive because of Ishaan’s help. Bhavani commends Isha for raising Ishaan well, but Ishaan interrupts and credits his Aunt Surekha for his upbringing, rather than himself. Ishaan then departs from the scene. Shantanu covers for Ishaan by jokingly saying that Ishaan loves Surekha a bit more than he loves Isha.

Bhavani shares that this is also their family’s story and mentions how close Virat is to her. Bhavani reveals that Virat used to turn to Ashwini for comfort and support whenever he was in pain or needed something. Isha becomes emotional upon hearing this and leaves.

Savi visits Isha’s house to celebrate her birthday. Shantanu warns Savi not to feel disheartened if she is unable to uplift Isha’s mood.

Savi and Shantanu attempt to cheer up Isha, but she remains despondent, thinking about the recent events. Isha confides in Shantanu, realizing what she has missed out on and regretting not taking Ishaan with her.

The episode concludes.

Precap: The reporters question Ishaan about the rumors that Surekha is responsible for the rift between him and Isha, and if they are reconciling. Surekha loses consciousness, and Reeva catches her. Ishaan blames Savi for the situation.

Isha tells Savi that she shouldn’t have made their personal matter public and hopes that Ishaan will forgive her. Savi expresses her hope that this incident will bring Ishaan and Isha back together.

Savi approaches Ishaan and explains that she did what she did not only for Isha but also for him. Ishaan pushes Savi away, and Reeva approaches Ishaan.


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