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Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th December 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi lashes out at Simran

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya and Kaashvi enters the room. Kaashvi wonders the place is Simran. Within the moment, Micky tells Simran that they are able to’t departure as a result of motorbike have been parked within the parking department. Simran tells him about catastrophe progress they usually leaves from there.

Within the provide, Kaashvi sees Simran and Micky and she or he tells about it to Aditya. Karun wakes up who was once slumbering. He sees Simran and Micky. He asks Simran that what’s she doing with Micky and why Aditya is looking Simran. Simran tells him that she don’t have day to give an explanation for him. He tells her that she will be able to’t shed with out explaining him. She will get furious and pushes him. However Kaashvi holds Karun.

Micky will get surprised vision Kaashvi and he wonders what Kaashvi is doing there. Kaashvi slaps Simran. She asks Simran that how can she do that being a mom. She says that Simran is cruel that’s why she left her 5 years worn son and husband. Micky will get surprised listening to this. Kaashvi tells Simran that she gained’t let her do flawed along with her son. She asks Karun that if he’s nice. Karun tells her that he’s nice.

Aditya tells police to deal Karun and arrest Simran and Micky. He’s taking Kaashvi apart. He tells her that she overreacted. He says that Kaashvi is civil officer and she or he did flawed. Kaashvi tells him that she will be able to perceive what he’s announcing however she may no longer regulate herself when it’s about Karun. She says that she feels connection know!?with Karun and she will be able to’t provide an explanation for about it. He tells her that that is peculiar. She tells him that she additionally don’t know why she really feel like this about Karun.

He murmurs that he’s satisfied Kaashvi is feeling like this for a child. He tells her that he’ll shed Karun in house. He asks her to journey with Simran and manufacture her perceive she did flawed. He says that Kaashvi can persuade Simran’s public to forgive Simran. He’s taking Karun from there. Police takes Micky from there. Kaashvi tells the whole thing to Arjun. She asks him to speak to Micky and leaves from there. Arjun leaves for police station.

Mahima tells Romila that Karun will dislike Kaashvi. Romila tells Mahima that the last is idiot. She says that Karun will confront Kaashvi and he would possibly be told the reality. She asks her to deal Karun else the last will lose the whole thing. Mahima has the same opinion with Romila and she or he makes a decision to speak to Karun. She learns that Karun isn’t in the house. She wonders if Karun went to speak to Kaashvi. Aditya brings Karun there. Mahima hugs Karun and tells due to Aditya. She presentations pretend worry against Karun.

Simran’s husband tells Simran that he’s satisfied police discovered her. He tells his mom that he loves Simran. Kaashvi advices Simran.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima tells Karun that Kaashvi isn’t excellent individual. Karun tells her that he likes Kaashvi.


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