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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th December 2023 Written Update: Vaibhav gets arrested

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 5th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vandana ultimatum Vaibhav to admit his crime. He denies and he places the blame of Vandana herself. Mrunal helps him. Anagha helps to keep quiet to disclaim her hyperlink with the conspiracy. Vanadana warns him for one lasttime and begins to overcome him up with a brush. She says that as she haven’t any resistant to Vaibhav, she helself will punish Vaibhav after. Police comes there and arrests Vaibhav. Vanadana presentations them the evidence she had stored for then. She had already put in to a cctv digicam for her father’s safty. She presentations the video to the police. They took him away.

Vandana is seatting out of doors at the roof and appears very insane. She recollects how everyone seems to be in opposition to her choice to marry Kunal. She feels very isolated. After, receives a tonality message from Kunal during which he had expressed his fear for Tara. He additionally mentions to take charge of herself. Then the messege Vandana’s temper begins to make stronger. She smiles and her worries decline away.

Nearest morning, Tara arrives with Guneet and Bobby. Tara provides a good, heat hug to her can be mom. Vandana kisses her again. After Tara leaves to play games with Shivam and Guneet begins the dialog. Bobby and Guneet says sorry for his or her life did and explains their marriage proposal to him and asks for his permission. Vijay says apologises permitted however he received’t by contrast marriage. Pummy at the otherside begins her conspiracy to prevent Vandana’s marriage as smartly. Kuldeep was once already disgusted with Vandana now he begins to dislike her. Pummy asks his to speak to Kunal and reminds him about her life did.

Kuldeep says that he’ll by no means omit how Vanadana have insulted her. Vedika tries to persuade Vijay however Vijay denies. He says he already had plenty with Malhotra’s and now they’re tring his daughter. He says that Kunal desires to marry her for the shake of Tara and there might be not anything in between Kunal and Vandana by no means. Vedika tries to persuade him that this organize marriage will paintings as a result of either one of them have travel via the similar middle split and distress.

Guneet and Bobby additionally helps Vedika’s perspective. However Vijay says he’s already determined and he cleary sees their egotism within the proposal. Hemant tries to modify Vijay’s thoughts however he’s already determind to not settle for the proposal. So, Vedika places a sequence of her mom on Vandana’s neck and blessed her as an elder sister. Vanadana appears to be like very a lot shaked in between the tag of conflict. She herself glance very at a loss for words. Kuldeeps asks Pummy tp store him up to date in regards to the marriage and promised that he’ll do the rest to prevent the wedding. He glance very determind.

Mrunal aks Vandana to take away Vaibhav from the prison in a different way she’s going to ruin her while. Vandana slaps her for supporting a assassin.

Episode ends.


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