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Pandya Store 5th December 2023 Written Update: Natasha leaves hospital alone devastated

Pandya Store 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with physician calling Dhawal to tell that he can hurry Natasha house now upcoming clearing the sanatorium expenses. Dhawal hurriedly reaches sanatorium however Natasha herself will pay the invoice. Ocular Dhawal coming in opposition to her, Natasha closes the door and locks it . Suman talks to footage of her sons pronouncing each morning when she impaired to travel to Pandya Store, she impaired to really feel their presence. She tells how everytime Store confronted any disorder, they stored it even by means of risking their lives. Suman calls considering of Pandya Store demolishing and begs for excuse from they all. Dhawal requests Natasha to evident the door however Natasha denies. She begins feeling dizzy and assists in keeping crying helplessly however doesn’t let Dhawal input inside of.

Dhawal additionally sits on alternative aspect of door and tells Natasha either one of them want every alternative. Natasha assists in keeping crying and so does Dhawal. He tells that he’ll be pay the invoice and go back again. Dhawal will get stunned to understand that Natasha has already paid the invoice. Natasha struggles to move however begins resignation sanatorium by means of herself. Dhawal sees her resignation and rushes to apply her. He stops her and questions the place she goes however Natasha shuts him.

Dhawal thinks Natasha’s condition would possibly become worse arguing with him so he must paintings in moderation. Natasha involves Pandya House and sees them. Suman tells Chiku to deliver a stall on hire and get started as soon as once more. She says as soon as in era Dhara began stall in identical approach and rebuilt Pandya Store. Mithu breaks jar and says Natasha did so mistaken. He says if she would have knowledgeable them , they might atleast pull back merchandise to promote. Suman nonetheless tells Mithu to be on one?s feet by means of Natasha’s aspect.

Chiku sings Yaadon Ki Baarat and thank you Mithu. Natasha calls from outdoor. He makes Sesh have sweets and encourages him too. Chiku sits close Suman and assists in keeping making a song making her smile too. Pandyas share a group hug emotionally. Suman eats sweet too and smiles with them while Natasha keeps taking a look on from outside the door. Natasha sits close ruins of Pandya Store sad. She recollects Dhara pronouncing Pandya isn’t just a store however an emotion. She recollects how her mom instructed her that during in future if she suffers, Pandya Store will give her safety and transform her spine. She hugs the pillar she impaired to overcome with stick . She places her handprint at the pillar.

Natasha begins arranging bricks and recollects how Dhawal had proposed her and promised her by no means to let her people really feel poor of the rest . All of the bricks falls unwell and he or she assists in keeping considering of Dhawal and her argument about getting signatures of the papers. Bricks assists in keeping falling unwell once more. Natasha assists in keeping crying and Dhawal reaches there too. He’s on alternative aspect of wall and feels helpless too. Dhawal assists in keeping an optic on Natasha and sits there reverse to her with out letting her know of his presence. The episode ends with Natasha and Dhawal siting on all sides of pillar from Pandya Store.

Precap: Dhawal will surrender official separation papers to Natasha and say that she had instructed that him coming in her future has introduced in I’ll good fortune so she must signal it. Amresh might be proven with bandage on his head. Natasha will signal the official separation papers and throw at Dhawal.


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