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Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: Aditya to save Arjun’s job!

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In the popular Star Plus show Yeh Hai Chahatein, Kaashvi will express her admiration for Aditya after he saves an innocent person. Will her feelings towards Aditya change? Read on to find out more.

Currently, the Minister instructs Aditya to expel Arjun from the training center. Aditya discovers from Vishal that Arjun is Kaashvi’s ex-husband. Kaashvi defends Arjun and informs Aditya about the Minister’s behavior. Aditya suspends Arjun and states that the final decision will be made by an inquiry committee.

Mahima disagrees with Aditya’s decision and claims that Kaashvi, not Arjun, should lose her job. She reveals that she saw Kaashvi and Arjun together in the storeroom. Aditya remains firm in his decision.

Later, Kaashvi confesses to Aditya that he made the wrong choice. Aditya questions why she didn’t inform him about Arjun being her ex-husband. She apologizes and explains that she wanted to leave the training center after learning about Arjun, but her boss stopped her. Kaashvi admits that it’s difficult for her to be around Arjun.

Mahima scolds Arjun for caring about Kaashvi and threatens to divorce him and take Karun away if he continues to neglect his family. She warns him to forget about Kaashvi for Karun’s sake.

The next day, the Minister’s wife provides a statement against the Minister. Aditya reveals that he knew Arjun was innocent because Kaashvi defended him, which is why he brought the Minister’s wife.

In the upcoming episode, Kaashvi will express her pride in Aditya. Mahima will witness Karun hugging Kaashvi.

Will Arjun express his gratitude to Aditya? What will Mahima do next?

All of these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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