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Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: What! Did Arjun witnessed Aditya’s proposal?

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In the popular Star Plus show Yeh Hai Chahatein, Arjun is about to make a confession to Kaashvi, expressing his love for her. However, he gets a shock when he witnesses Aditya proposing to Kaashvi. How will Arjun react to this unexpected development? Let’s find out!

In the current storyline, Karun embraces Kaashvi and praises her intelligence. Kaashvi discovers that Karun’s mother has warned him to stay away from her. She wonders why Karun’s mother has a problem with her.

Aditya informs the trainees about an upcoming orientation party and instructs Arjun to bring Mahima along. Later, Arjun relays the information to Mahima, secretly hoping that she will refuse to attend. However, to his surprise, Mahima agrees to accompany him.

Aditya presents a saree to Kaashvi and asks her to wear it at the orientation party. He reveals that he has also invited Arjun’s wife. Aditya notices Kaashvi’s composed behavior and becomes curious about her ex-husband. Dadi advises him to focus on the present, stating that Aditya brings happiness to Kaashvi’s life and they should get married.

Later on, Aditya learns that Karun is Arjun and Mahima’s son. Arjun compliments Kaashvi, but she reminds him to focus on Mahima. Vishal spikes Arjun’s drink, intending to get him suspended for his behavior.

In the upcoming episode, Arjun contemplates revealing his feelings to Kaashvi and explaining why he married Mahima. However, he is taken aback when Aditya proposes to Kaashvi right before his eyes.

Is Arjun under the influence of alcohol?

Will Vishal’s plan succeed?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To find out what awaits you in your favorite show Yeh Hai Chahatein, stay tuned to!


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