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Vanshaj Upcoming Story: Vidur gives Bhanu Pratap a reality check!

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Bhanu compliments Yuvika to Vidur and suggests that he should start taking rest at home as Yuvika is doing an outstanding job on her own. However, Vidur expresses his distrust towards Dhanraj and DJ and insists on continuing to come to the office. He fears that they may ruin everything at any moment. Meanwhile, DJ looks at the share prices on his tablet and talks to himself, emphasizing that when a bomb falls from a great height, the resulting blast becomes even more intense.

Dhanraj informs DJ that he has sent an evacuation notice and that they will have to vacate the house within ten days. DJ questions Dhanraj about not discussing this matter with Bhanu. Dhanraj explains that Vidur is a hardworking and honorable man who wouldn’t ask for anyone’s help, regardless of the situation.

Vidur asks Bhanu to consider whether DJ and Dhanraj are truly happy to see Yuvika in charge. He reveals that DJ has added a clause to his will and has also given up eleven percent to Subhadra, further fueling their desperation.

Vidur confronts Bhanu and warns him about DJ, Dhanraj, and Subhadra’s true intentions. He firmly states that he is here for a job and expects fairness. Yuvika, however, believes that Vidur is overqualified for the position and doesn’t want to do any injustice to him.

Later, one of Mahajan’s clients, Mr. Khosla, visits Yuvika’s office and threatens to blacklist their company if they fail to make a delivery within the next two days. Yuvika reassures him that they will meet the deadline.

In the next episode, a tragic accident occurs at the Mahajan factory. How will Yuvika manage to meet the deadline amidst this situation?

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