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Aangan Apno Kaa 11th December 2023 Written Update: Pallavi helps Tanvi

Aangan Apno Kaa 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a girl’s voice describing her ideal home. She introduces her three daughters, Pallu, Tannu, and Deepu, and their father, who loves telling them bedtime stories. The lady reveals that she married Jaydev and they had three daughters together. Although she left Jaydev, he has always been there for their daughters. Now, their elder daughters are married, and Jaydev and Pallavi live together in the house.

In the episode, Jaydev is ironing his clothes when Pallavi arrives and suggests he wear a blue suit. Jaydev disagrees, leading to an argument about the color. Eventually, they decide to find a solution and shake hands. They both put on aprons and challenge each other to a cooking competition. Pallavi starts the timer and watches Jaydev’s progress through a mirror. She reminisces about cooking moments with Jaydev from their childhood. Jaydev reminds her that he has already started cooking, while she hasn’t, giving him an advantage. Pallavi believes that one should never accept defeat until the last moment and begins cooking. She even helps Jaydev with his cooking. Jaydev becomes upset when he sees an expired product, but Pallavi finishes cooking. Jaydev emphasizes the importance of being happy with what they have. Pallavi asks him how he will cope with his daughters not attending his retirement function. Jaydev replies that the day itself is not that important and leaves.

Jaydev talks to a photo frame of Aastha and recalls his daughters growing up. Pallavi gets ready as Jaydev pretends to be unaffected by his daughters not attending his retirement function. He leaves in a car, wiping away his tears, hoping his daughters will attend once he arrives. Pallavi watches him.

Later, Pallavi has a video call meeting with her team. She realizes she is running late for Jaydev’s retirement function and calls Tanvi to check if she is ready. However, Tanvi explains her household responsibilities and her mother-in-law’s instructions to take care of her kitty party friends. Pallavi tries to convince Tanvi, but she refuses. So, Pallavi calls Ruchi instead.

Meanwhile, Deepika gets ready after returning from work. She assures Pallavi on the phone that she is getting ready to attend Jaydev’s retirement function. However, her husband Varun objects and tries to change her decision. Deepika remains firm and leaves the house. She meets Pallavi and complains about Varun’s behavior. Pallavi assures her that these issues are common in relationships and focuses on her phone.

In the office, Jaydev becomes emotional seeing the preparations made for his retirement function and a family photo in his wallet. Mrs. Arora tries to taunt Jaydev about his daughters not being able to attend, but Jaydev shuts her down with a fitting reply. Meanwhile, Pallavi sets an alarm to ensure she reaches the venue on time. She then goes to Tanvi’s house with Deepika. Pallavi manipulates Tanvi’s mother-in-law to change her kitty party plans. A flashback shows Pallavi instructing Ruchi to make arrangements. Tanvi’s mother-in-law agrees and allows Tanvi to attend the function.

All three sisters are on their way to the venue but get stuck in traffic. They run towards the venue to arrive on time. At the function, Jaydev gives a speech about his job and expresses his gratitude to everyone. He is pleasantly surprised to see his daughters there. Later, Pallavi feels sad when Jaydev’s plan to have dinner with his daughters doesn’t work out as Deepika and Tanvi have to leave immediately.

Precap: Pallavi argues with her father about finding a groom for her. Later, Pallavi gets fired from her job by her boss.


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