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Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 11th December 2023 Written Update: Reyansh’s put Aradhana in a helpless situation

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The latest episode begins with Akash questioning Reyansh about Jai’s whereabouts. Reyansh reveals that Jai is with Kiki, which shocks everyone. Malini tries to call Kiki, but she doesn’t answer. Malini demands an explanation from Reyansh, who remains silent.

Meanwhile, Kiki has Jai held hostage and takes pleasure in seeing him in distress. Jai confidently informs her that she has already been defeated. Kiki dismisses his comment and mentions that Reyansh and Aradhana should have been married by now. Jai expresses his certainty that Reyansh will not marry Aradhana. Kiki mocks both Jai and Reyansh, and then points a gun at Jai.

Back at the Sahni house, Reyansh decides to call Kiki. He puts the call on speaker so that everyone can hear. Kiki taunts Reyansh, calling him a loser. Reyansh and Jai engage in a heated exchange over the call before Reyansh abruptly ends the conversation.

Neeta confronts Reyansh for endangering Jai’s life and decides to marry Jai’s fiancée. Reyansh assures Neeta that Jai is safe. Neeta manipulates Akash against the Sahni family, leading him to question Harsh for insulting his own family. Aradhana accuses Reyansh of once again defaming her family, but Reyansh defends his actions.

Meanwhile, Kiki fires a bullet near Jai and threatens him with the consequences of not reciprocating her love. Neeta pleads with Reyansh and everyone else to save Jai from Kiki, who is revealed to be a psychopath. Malini calls Kiki, but she blames Malini for the events unfolding and refuses to listen to Neeta’s plea for Jai’s safety. Reyansh demands that Kiki release Jai because their deal was not supposed to involve harm. Kiki agrees but warns Jai that she won’t let him go so easily. She points a gun at him and declares that if he doesn’t love her, she will kill him. Jai stands firm, stating that he will not love or marry Kiki but Aradhana. In response, Kiki shoots a bullet towards Jai.

At the venue, Reyansh reassures Aradhana about Jai’s safety. He advises her to reconsider her decision to marry Jai out of fear of society’s judgment. Reyansh expresses that they cannot live without each other and are inseparable. Aradhana becomes emotional and breaks down in tears. Bhakti and Malini scold Reyansh for trying to manipulate Aradhana and advise her not to believe his words. Harsh also supports this, urging Aradhana to listen to Bhakti. Aradhana continues to cry.

Neeta vents her anger at the Sahni family for not caring about Jai’s well-being. Bhakti tries to calm her down, assuring her that Jai is safe. Meanwhile, Varun receives a shocking notification. Reyansh pleads with Aradhana not to marry Jai, emphasizing that she will never love him and that they are meant to be together. Overwhelmed, Aradhana holds Reyansh’s hand and breaks down completely.

In the upcoming episode, Varun informs Neeta about Jai’s condition, leaving everyone shocked. Neeta blames Reyansh for Jai’s state.


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