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Kavya 11th December 2023 Written Update: Kavya upsets Adi

Kavya 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aman Chadda discussing Kavya’s behavior. Aman advises Kavya to always keep her emotions in check and warns her of the consequences if she repeats her mistakes. He acknowledges that it is Kavya’s first day and refrains from taking any immediate action. Aman then sends Kavya away.

Adi introduces Kavya to her new chair, air purifier, and personal tea kettle. Unfortunately, while pouring tea, Adi accidentally spills it on some papers. Adi apologizes, but Kavya lashes out at him, calling him an idiot and claiming that he knows nothing about struggle. She tells Adi to leave and stay away from her. Frustrated, Adi walks away.

Kavya puts aside all of Adi’s belongings and silently apologizes to him in her heart.

Malini approaches Adi and asks what happened. Adi explains that Kavya suddenly believes he is not deserving of her. Omi comments to Giriraj that his plan worked perfectly.

Aman Chadda asks Kavya if she has anything to eat, and Kavya offers him Halwa made by Giriraj Pradhan. Intrigued, Aman asks Kavya about the story behind it, to which Kavya replies that it’s a long story.

Giriraj asks Adi about what happened after he dropped Kavya off. Adi dismisses Giriraj’s question.

Aman Chadda prompts Kavya to share her thoughts about Adi. He then mentions her mistake of raiding an unlicensed liquor shop and tells her she needs to find the informer if she wants to avoid suspension. Kavya agrees to the task.

Kavya tries calling Adi, but he doesn’t answer her call.

Kavya returns home, and her family asks about her first day. She imitates her boss, Aman Preet Chadda, and praises her coolness, expressing her desire to be like her. Kavya then contemplates how she can make Adi happy.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kavya discusses her investigation with Aman Chadda and is instructed to find out who the informer is. Kavya follows a suspect whom she suspects to be the informer, but ends up getting locked in a freezer. Adi arrives and asks Aman Chadda about Kavya’s whereabouts.


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