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Parineetii 11th December 2023 Written Update: Neeti’s shocking demand to Parineet

Parineetii 11th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the priest instructing Sanju to sit in the pooja. Sanju’s friend asks Neeti to sit beside him. He questions why they are having this pooja if they are already married. Parminder asks Parineet to join the pooja as well. He asks Neeti if Sanju is going to marry Parineet. Neeti responds by saying that Parineet ruined her life and took her husband away from her.

Sanju tells Neeti to stop blaming others and to take responsibility for her own mistakes. Neeti asks if he is blaming her and reminds him of all the things she has done for him. Sanju asks if she has forgotten that she tried to kill Parineet multiple times and that she should be thankful Parineet didn’t send her to jail. Neeti asks if he would send her to jail and accuses him of not revealing the whole truth. Sanju tells her to stop with the drama. Neeti questions what he sees in Parineet, claiming that Parineet is not as modern or charismatic as her. Sanju defends Parineet, stating that she is a good person unlike Neeti.

Neeti vows that Parineet will pay for her actions, but Sanju declares that he will always stand up for Parineet as they are going to get married. Meanwhile, Parminder asks Chandrika why Neeti has returned. Parminder explains that Neeti hurt their family and insulted them. Although Neeti divorced Sanju and thought she could come back home once her anger towards him subsided, Sanju moved on and forgot about her. It seems that Parineet and Sanju are meant to be together and their union is destined. Parineet continues with the wedding rituals while Neeti urges her to stop and not marry Sanju. Parineet remembers her promise to Sanju and believes she is doing the right thing. Neeti insists that Parineet will pay for what she has done in front of everyone. Parminder takes Parineet away from the situation. Sukhwinder expresses her grief to God, sympathizing with Neeti’s pain and wondering how to bring happiness back into her life.

Bebe suggests that Sanju is Neeti’s happiness and they must bring him back into her life at any cost. Neeti insists that it’s impossible as Sanju has fallen in love with Parineet. Bebe reasons that it’s normal to fall in love with someone’s beauty and suggests ruining Parineet’s beauty by adding chemicals to the turmeric used in the Haldi ceremony. Neeti questions if it will work, and Bebe assures her that it will. Neeti expresses her strong dislike for Parineet’s face.

Later, Chandrika is lost in her thoughts, and Amith asks her what’s bothering her. Chandrika reveals that Neeti is causing problems and she believes Neeti will try to stop the wedding in order to return home. She fears that if Neeti comes back, Sanju will leave Parineet and it would be devastating. Amith reassures her, saying that Sanju won’t repeat his mistakes and can understand the situation. Neeti is lost in her own thoughts, and Amith asks Sanju if he ever felt something like this with Neeti. Sanju explains that everything happened for a reason and although he used to love Neeti, he doesn’t anymore. Neeti regrets divorcing Sanju. Parineet confides in Babli that Neeti wanted her to stop the wedding.

In the preview, Parineet informs Sanju that Neeti wanted her to cancel the wedding and Sanju asks Parineet if she loves him or not.


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