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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 13th December 2023 Written Update: Kammo tries to reach Heer

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 13th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Rajwinder referring to Ranjha as a servant, but Heer intervenes and reminds everyone that Ranjha is a part of their family and not just a servant. Beant Singh then asks Ranjha to sit with them. Similarly, when Rajwinder addresses Suraj Singh as a servant, Kuldeep insists that Suraj Singh sits with them as well. Upon Navjot’s request, Beant Singh accepts Heer and Kuldeep’s relationship, stating that he will be happy if Heer’s happiness lies in it. Navjot feeds sweets to Rajwinder and congratulates the couple, while Ranjha tries to hide his tears.

Rajwinder gets annoyed by Sunny’s stammering while talking and suggests having the Roka ceremony on the same day and completing the rest of the rituals within three days. However, Heer mentions that she has an exam in four days. Rajwinder suggests that Heer can take the exam after the reception. She asks Suraj to start preparing for the Roka ceremony, and Navjot tells Ranjha to assist as well. Teji brings the bridal wear, and Rajwinder gives it to Heer as a shagun (auspicious gift). Meanwhile, the lady who escaped from the asylum enters Heer’s house with the workers. Heer arrives for the Roka ceremony, leaving both Kuldeep and Ranjha mesmerized.

Ranjha smiles through his tears, while the lady from the asylum notices Heer. Kuldeep sits next to Heer, and the ceremony begins with Beant Singh’s blessings. Ranjha watches everything and feels broken inside, as does Heer, who silently accepts the marriage for the sake of her family’s happiness. Rajwinder performs the shagun ritual, but she is shocked when she learns that Kammo, the escaped lady, is in Heer’s house. Rajwinder instructs them to find Kammo and ensure that Janel (presumably another character) doesn’t find out the truth.

Rajwinder tells Suraj Singh to stop Kammo before she reaches the media or the police station. Kammo overhears Navjot mentioning that Heer will go to the Gurdwara the next day. Rajwinder decides to have all the rituals take place at the Atwal Mansion due to the large number of guests expected. She believes it is safer for her and Janel to stay at home. After the ceremony ends, the Atwals leave to go back home, leaving Heer feeling disappointed.

Navjot and Gurmeet prepare for the gift exchange. Gurmeet complains about not wanting to wear cheap clothes at the function because his friends will be present. Navjot notices Heer’s sadness and asks her about it. Heer expresses her regret about accepting to have all the rituals at the Atwal Mansion, as Beant would have been happier if the rituals took place at their own home. Navjot advises Heer to stop worrying about family members and start thinking about herself. Beant Singh affectionately calls Heer the crown on his forehead. Navjot asks Heer to choose her dress, but Heer decides to wear the one chosen by Beant Singh, a purple dress. Teji notices Janel’s worry and tries to find out the reason, leading to an argument. Janel becomes annoyed upon seeing a purple candle. The episode ends with Kuldeep calling Heer and expressing his love for her, speaking sweetly to her.


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