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Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 12th December 2023 Written Update: Jai’s decision surprises everyone

Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Varun informing Jai that he has been shot. Neeta looks at her phone and starts crying. Reyansh and Aradhana share a meaningful gaze. Malini receives a call and leaves the place. She meets a crying Kiki and demands to know where Jai is. In a fit of rage, Kiki confesses that she killed Jai. A flashback shows Kiki demanding Jai’s love, but when he refuses, she shoots him. Malini slaps Kiki and questions her actions. Kiki vents her frustration to Malini. Malini blames herself for not being able to protect her daughter. Kiki pleads with Malini to save her. Malini calls Viren and explains the dire situation, begging him to listen to her.

Meanwhile, Neeta confronts Reyansh about putting Jai in a life-threatening situation. Both Akash and Neeta lash out at Aradhana, holding her responsible for what happened to Jai. Neeta insults Aradhana and her family. Reyansh defends Aradhana and asks the Khurana family not to blame her but to hold him accountable. Aradhana breaks down in tears.

Malini tells Kiki that she should confess her crimes to the police since Viren is unable to save her. Kiki pleads with Malini not to send her to prison, but Malini refuses to listen and forcefully takes Kiki with her. However, they are stopped in their tracks by something ahead of them.

Meanwhile, Neeta continues to badmouth Aradhana despite Reyansh’s request to stop blaming her. She also threatens Aradhana, her family, and Reyansh. Everyone is surprised and relieved when Jai suddenly arrives, assuring them that he is fine. Jai tries to calm down Neeta. Varun hugs Jai. Jai explains to everyone about Kiki’s deranged act towards him, clarifying that it was not intentional. He reveals that he came back to finish some unfinished business. Jai goes to Reyansh and Aradhana, asking Aradhana to marry Reyansh because he knows that Aradhana loves Reyansh. Bhakti interrupts and expresses her disapproval, stating that she won’t let Aradhana marry someone toxic like Reyansh. Jai calms Bhakti down and advises Aradhana to follow her heart and not care about society. He admits that he made a mistake by coming between Aradhana and Reyansh.

Meanwhile, Malini confronts Kiki for causing trouble to Aradhana and Jai. She forces Kiki to apologize to them, but Kiki refuses and even threatens Malini. Jai tells Aradhana that he can see her love for Reyansh in her eyes, something he will never have, so he believes it is better for them to marry each other. Reyansh tells Aradhana that even Jai thinks they are meant to be together. Bhakti pleads with Aradhana not to choose Reyansh, but Aradhana chooses Reyansh and proposes to him. They exchange garlands and share a hug. However, this turns out to be Reyansh’s imagination. Aradhana stops Jai from leaving and asks him to hear her decision first. Everyone watches Aradhana intently.

Precap: Aradhana chooses Jai, shocking Reyansh. Reyansh questions Aradhana, and she blames him. Jai and Aradhana get married. Bhakti demands that Reyansh leave. Reyansh looks on furiously.


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