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Kavya 12th December 2023 Written Update: Kavya enters Giriraj Pradhan’s house in disguise

Kavya 12th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kavya asking Mayank what he wants while he is preparing food for her. Mayank expresses that he wants her time. He questions Kavya about what she was hiding in front of Rajiv and Anjali. Kavya reveals that Adi brought many things for her, thinking about her comfort, but she took out her frustration on him. This upset Adi, and he left. Kavya seeks Mayank’s help on how to make things right with Adi, and Mayank assures her that he will think about it.

During a meeting, the members of the Giriraj party argue about choosing a youth leader for their party. Giriraj believes that he needs to convince Adi to become the youth leader.

Mayank and Kavya write on balloons together and put pillows under the blanket to make it appear as if they are asleep. They then go to Giriraj Pradhan’s house.

Omi gives the good news to Malini that the party has asked Giriraj to announce his successor. Malini assumes it will be Omi and instructs him to make sure he doesn’t make any mistakes. Omi agrees.

Omi asks Alka to prepare his dress, and she agrees. Omi looks at the name board that reads MLA and feels excited as his dream is about to come true. The servant brings his speech, but Omi puts it aside and goes to freshen up.

Alka discovers the balloons that say “I Love You” and assumes Omi wrote them for her, making her elated. However, she accidentally drops coffee on Omi’s speech. Feeling guilty, she decides to write a speech for Omi to make up for ruining her own speech.

Kavya enters Giriraj Pradhan’s house disguised as a delivery guy with the balloons. One of the balloons ends up in Giriraj’s hands, and he reads the message on it, thinking that Malini wrote it for him.

Malini spots Kavya and hides her from Giriraj Pradhan, distracting him. Meanwhile, Kavya goes to Adi’s room, surprising him with the balloons.

Kavya apologizes to Adi for taking out her frustration on him and acknowledges that he was also at fault. Adi admits that Kavya was right, as he was only thinking about her comfort. He asks Kavya to leave, but she insists on staying until he forgives her. Adi calls Mayank and asks him to take Kavya away. Kavya refuses to leave until Adi forgives her, causing Adi to worry about Giriraj seeing her. Adi covers Kavya’s mouth to prevent her from making noise.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kavya shares her investigation with Aman Chadda and seeks his help in finding out who the informant is. Kavya follows a suspect whom she suspects to be the informant but ends up getting locked in a freezer. Adi arrives and asks Aman Chadda about Kavya’s whereabouts.


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