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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 14th December 2023 Written Update: Kuldeep and Heer’s engagement function

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 14th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Heer reflecting on Kuldeep’s love confession. She daydreams about running away and getting hurt by a thorn that pricks her. As she screams in pain, she sees Ranjha in front of her. Akhiyan Milwangaa plays as Ranjha helps her remove the thorn from her foot and puts an anklet on her. Heer gazes lovingly at him, but before she can touch him, he disappears. She wakes up abruptly, telling him not to go away. Jasmine playfully teases her, asking if she was dreaming about Kuldeep.

Heer explains that it was someone wearing a mask in her dream. She felt safe with that person. She describes the person as having green, shiny eyes. Just then, Ranjha arrives, reminding Heer that they have to go to the Gurdwara. Jasmine realizes that the person Heer dreams about is Ranjha. Both Heer and Ranjha pray at the Gurdwara. Heer receives a photo of Naina and meets Kammo. Kammo hugs Heer and becomes emotional, revealing that Naina has been missing for years. She explains that Naina went to work one day but never returned.

Kammo believes that powerful people are responsible for Naina’s disappearance. Suraj Singh also searches for Kammo at the Gurdwara. Heer asks Ranjha to let Kammo stay at his place for a few days. While Ranjha looks for an auto, Heer stays with Kammo. Suraj Singh finds Heer’s shawl but misses seeing them. Rajwinder calls Suraj Singh and asks to see her on a video call. When she spots Kammo, she tells Suraj Singh to look behind him. However, by the time he turns, Kammo has already left in an auto with Ranjha and Heer. Teji asks Rajwinder why she seems disturbed, but Rajwinder changes the subject, instructing her to make arrangements for Heer and Kuldeep’s engagement.

Heer comforts Kammo at Ranjha’s house and asks her to explain when Naina went missing. Kammo reveals that Naina worked at J & J pharmacy and was about to receive a promotion but never returned from work that day. Heer promises to find out what happened to Naina and ensure that the person responsible is punished. Ranjha mentions that Naina used to tie a rakhi on his wrist every year. Teji organizes decorations for the engagement and receives a call from the Women’s Welfare organization, who inform her about Kammo’s situation, which was brought to their attention through a tweet. Teji, busy with preparations, asks them to start a protest and keep her updated. Unfortunately, her phone breaks before she can watch the video.

It turns out that Heer was the one who tweeted about Kammo’s situation. She informs Kammo about her engagement and Kammo mistakenly blesses Heer and Ranjha together. Heer clarifies that Ranjha is just a friend and she is getting married to the Atwals. Heer’s family arrives at the Atwal mansion, and both families dance together. Rajwinder informs Kuldeep that his father will not attend the engagement. However, the episode concludes with Kuldeep’s father unexpectedly showing up and stating that he had to come because Kuldeep is his blood.


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