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Chand Jalne Laga 13th December 2023 Written Update: Malik saves Arjun’s mom

Chand Jalne Laga 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Malik informing the goon that he has sent 2 lakhs to keep Raunaq in their custody. He instructs them to offer him food and ensure nothing happens to him. Malik also sends an extra two lakhs to cover their debt, mentioning that he will inform them about his next plan later. Meanwhile, Arjun’s mom chats with Tara and Arjun on a video call, praising their pairing. Arjun expresses that he would have come to pick her up, but his mom reveals that she is now an independent person and will be arriving in a cab.

While driving the car, Malik reminisces about Tara and Arjun’s closeness. Suddenly, Tara’s car meets with an accident, and she notices Malik at the scene. Arjun recalls Malik’s warning and both rush out to check on her. They are surprised to see Malik’s car there, and Arjun is on the verge of confronting him when his mom arrives. She demands that Arjun leave Malik alone, and he embraces her, expressing his fear. Arjun regrets not picking her up, but his mom reveals that she wanted to surprise him. She thanks Malik for saving her life, and Tara asks if Malik knows them. Arjun explains that Malik is Tara’s boss, and his mom inquires if they invited them to the engagement. Malik denies it, stating that they were busy but Ananya invited him.

Arjun’s mom caresses Malik’s face and expresses her gratitude, referring to him as a son. Overwhelmed, Malik agrees to attend the engagement. Arjun thanks him, and Malik mentions that he has a double invitation today and is excited about attending the engagement. Meanwhile, Arjun brings his mom back home, where they are greeted by Soni and Sardaj. Arjun’s mom discusses recent incidents and assures everyone that nothing will happen to her during her daughter’s engagement. Malik is pleased with the surprise he has arranged for her.

Farvari plays Raunaq’s message to Malik, where Raunaq confesses to being a fraud and doing everything to gain her attention. Meanwhile, Tara is confused and seeks courage from her Deva. Arjun’s mom gifts a dhuppatta to Tara and compliments her beauty. Malik and Farvari arrive at the engagement, and Arjun’s mom asks Tara why her mom named her Amirth. She explains that Tara’s decision to marry Arjun was the right one as he loves her deeply. Tara feels that everything is falling into place. Malik greets Soni and Sardaj and asks Ananya to take him to Tara’s room. Tara is searching for her mom’s jhumka.

Malik knocks on the door, and Tara and Malik share an intense gaze. Tara asks him to leave, but Malik assures her that he has a surprise for her. He hints that someone stole her jhumka and offers to show her a video of Raunaq asking for help. Tara is shocked and demands to know where her brother is. Raunaq sets a condition for Tara to fulfill in order to save her brother’s life. Confused, Tara asks what he is talking about, and Ananya brings water to Malik. Malik thanks her and advises Tara to keep her mobile with her, as she is smart enough to know whom to share this matter with. He congratulates her on her engagement.

And that’s how the episode ends with Malik proposing to Tara.


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