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Dabangii 13th December 2023 Written Update: Arya plays a prank on Tanmay

Dabangii 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Arya noticing that Ankush’s father has fallen asleep. Arya also ensures that Ankush is asleep so that she can execute her plan.

Arya wakes up Tanmay disguised as a ghost, which frightens him. She asks Tanmay if he will do as she says, and he agrees.

Arya instructs Tanmay to act like a dog and bark. However, the lights suddenly turn on, and Arya warns Tanmay not to reveal her identity or else she will come and eat him.

Satya’s family arrives and sees Tanmay acting like a dog. Satya tells Kasturi to sell Tanmay in the market the next day and leave.

Kasturi questions Tanmay about his behavior, and he shows her the ghost. Kasturi realizes that Arya scared Tanmay by pretending to be a ghost.

Kasturi takes Tanmay to Ankush’s house and asks for Arya’s whereabouts. Ankush is confused, and Kasturi explains that Arya scared Tanmay by pretending to be a ghost. Arya arrives and asks Ankush what happened. Kasturi accuses Arya of scaring Tanmay. Suddenly, Tanmay coughs, and Arya takes him to the refrigerator, warning him not to confront her again. Kasturi overhears their conversation and confirms Arya’s involvement in the prank.

Kasturi complains to Satya, who comments that Tanmay is always scared of everything. Kasturi decides to teach Arya a lesson and seeks Satya’s help. Satya agrees to assist Kasturi.

Ankush’s father defends Arya, but Ankush shows him the ghost costume Arya used to scare Tanmay, proving Kasturi’s claim. Ankush’s father remarks that Arya is just like Satya, but Ankush expresses concern and vows not to let Arya become like Satya.

The next day, Kasturi arranges a party meeting at Satya’s house to defame Arya and Ankush. Kasturi asks Satya to tarnish Ankush’s image in Bela’s eyes when the opportunity arises. Avdabai questions Satya about the meeting, and he makes up an excuse before leaving.

Ankush asks his father to keep an eye on Arya and ensure she doesn’t go to Satya’s house. Arya tells Ankush’s father that she wants to go for the food, but he claims to be unwell, causing Arya to change her plans.

Ankush asks Bela if she is okay, and Avdabai mentions that Bela hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Arya plays games with Ankush’s father.

The episode ends with Arya attending the party meeting, and Kasturi sees this as an opportunity to use Arya. Arya sees some laddoos and tries to eat them, but she learns that only the winner of the game can have them. Arya agrees to participate in the game, and Kasturi believes that Arya has fallen into her trap.

Precap: Arya participates in the game at the party meeting, and Kasturi thinks it’s the perfect time to manipulate Arya.


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