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Imlie 16th December 2023 Written Update: Agastya’s mother Meera is alive.

Imlie 16th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Meera seeing an image of the mysterious mask killer. Agastya overhears gunshots and learns that his mother killed his father for money. Pandit ji informs Meera that he always sees her creating this image, and now the police are searching for the masked culprit. Meera reveals to Pandit ji that on the night she went to her husband to take her son, he refused to give him back. Suddenly, she noticed the masked killer attempting to attack him and alerted her husband. The killer attacked her husband, and she handed him the gun. After shooting her husband, the killer ran away.

Agastya tells Imlie that she always says she doesn’t trust anyone because she learned from her parents not to trust anyone. Meera confesses to Pandit ji that her son believes she killed his father. She tells Pandit ji that she was arrested for the murder but was bailed out by someone. Meera reveals that when she went to visit her son, she saw the same killer blocking her path to Chaudhary, realizing she was the only witness. She also shares that she decided to take her own life but found two children in a basket, which gave her a reason to start over.

Imlie opens up to Agastya about being deceived by her mother and wonders why her mother abandoned her. She explains that Agastya got Dhanraj bhaiya and Amma ji as family, while she got her aunt. Meera tells Pandit ji that the two children became her reason to live, hoping her son is happy with his Amma ji. However, she forgot about her past until the day the killer found her and tried to kill her.

Agastya asks Imlie how her aunt got involved with the killer. Imlie recalls that someone came to their house while she was hiding, and later, she saw bloodshed and realized her aunt was missing. Meera tells Pandit ji that the killer attacked her and she managed to escape, leaving the two children behind. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where they are now.

Imlie tells Agastya that her mama and mami took her to their home, and he asks if she misses her aunt. Imlie confesses that she doesn’t think about sadness or happiness, but she always misses her aunt. Meera tells Pandit ji that her motherhood has become a curse for her own children, and she must warn her son.

The family members notice Shivani crying, and they become concerned. Imlie expresses her sadness about leaving her house after marriage, leading everyone to tease Shivani. They remind her that her new home is just a walking distance away. Amma ji comforts Shivani, assuring her that she will start a new life and the current house will become colorless. Sonali adds that it’s good a storm will leave the house. Imlie remembers that after Shivani’s marriage, she will divorce Agastya.

Biswa asks Avi about their mother, who is still locked in her room. Avi advises Biswa to eat on time and take insulin if necessary. Biswa informs Avi that he is going out for some work.

Agastya realizes that Imlie will return home in 10 days, and he had forgotten about it. Amma ji is pleased that the factory has started, and Agastya suggests giving Imlie a job there due to her talent in delivering sweets quickly. Imlie learns from Shivani that she is going to a bachelor’s party but suggests celebrating after the wedding. Shivani believes Amma ji won’t allow her to attend the party due to her fight with Agastya. However, Imlie assures Shivani that they have resolved the issue, and Shivani suggests that wine can solve any problem. Imlie agrees and decides to convince Amma ji to let her attend the party. Amma ji disagrees with Agastya’s proposal, stating that working in the factory requires a lot of effort. She refuses to let Imlie work there.

Imlie secretly goes to buy wine and notices a car following her. She starts cycling, but the car continues to tail her. Imlie stops and approaches the car to see who is following her, only to find Biswa. Biswa reveals that he believes the killer following Imlie is the same person who killed her aunt. He asks her to come with him for more information.

In the preview, Agastya searches for Imlie and asks Shivani about her whereabouts. Shivani informs Agastya that Imlie went shopping for her bachelor’s party. Agastya receives a call from Biswa, who tells him that Imlie is with him and he is trying to console her.


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