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Pandya Store 16th December 2023 Written Update: Arvind gives marriage proposal for Dhawal and Suhani

Pandya Store 16th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Pandya Store begins with Suman trying to console Natasha, who is crying uncontrollably. Suman gently asks Natasha to lie down on her lap and sings a lullaby to help her fall asleep. However, Natasha remains wide awake, shedding tears. She tries to suppress her emotions but fails. In the background, the song “Yaadon ki baraat” plays. Suddenly, Natasha receives a text from her friend, asking why Dhawal has changed his relationship status to “single.” Curious, Natasha checks Dhawal’s profile and confirms the news.

Dhawal, on the other hand, lies restlessly on his bed, pondering over Natasha’s desire to salvage their relationship. Meanwhile, Natasha silently weeps. Dhawal decides to end their relationship the next day. Amba, Dhawal’s mother, looks at some photographs and expresses her surprise at how quickly they found potential matches for Dhawal. She asks Isha, Dhawal’s sister, to shortlist some of them. However, Isha suggests showing the profiles to Dhawal instead. Isha reminds Amba that she is a part of the Makwana family because of Natasha and refuses to be involved in this betrayal. Amba accuses Isha of being selfish and acting as if her own marriage is falling apart.

Amresh interrupts their conversation and informs Amba that they need to go to court. Natasha arrives at the court with Suman and Chiku. The lawyer explains that they are filing for an annulment, and soon Natasha and Dhawal will be legally separated. Dhawal arrives with Amresh and Amba. However, the lawyer states that only Dhawal and Natasha are allowed inside the courtroom. Natasha gazes at Dhawal, who also steals glances at her. The song “Tere Liye” plays as they both feel a sense of connection, but in reality, they remain apart. Natasha feels hurt, and just as Dhawal reaches out to hold her hand, she realizes it was all in her imagination.

In another daydream, Dhawal imagines Natasha playfully teasing him by running away with his file. He tries to catch her, but she disappears, leaving him alone. Both Natasha and Dhawal finally enter the courtroom. Natasha recalls how Dhawal publicly declared that they had not consummated their marriage. She takes her seat, followed by Dhawal, who appears emotionally distressed. Meanwhile, Arvind, a family friend, meets Amresh and embraces him. Amresh asks Arvind when he returned from Uganda, to which Arvind replies that he taught business to Dhawal.

Arvind notices that Dhawal has changed his relationship status and wonders if he is planning to separate from Natasha. Arvind then suggests that his daughter, Suhani, should marry Dhawal. Suman is shocked by this proposal and tells Chiku that they don’t know the truth about the Makwana family, so it would be unwise to give their daughter to them. The judge advises Natasha and Dhawal to give their relationship some time since they haven’t yet consummated their marriage. However, Natasha strongly disagrees. Amresh invites Arvind for dinner, and Natasha and Dhawal continue arguing there as well. They are given a date for the next week, and it is mentioned that since they haven’t consummated their marriage, they will be granted permission to separate at the first hearing. The episode ends with Dhawal and Natasha looking at each other, both feeling hurt.


In the upcoming episode, Natasha and Dhawal will find themselves trapped in a jungle during a college trip. The Adivasis warn them not to venture to the other side of the jungle on a moonlit night for their safety.


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