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Saubhagyavati Bhava 16th December 2023 Written Update: Viraj blames Dadi to find the culprit

Saubhagyavati Bhava 16th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode of Saubhagyavati Bhava, Viraj questions everyone about the mysterious incidents happening in the house. Sushma mentions hearing a knocking sound at the door but finding no one there. Raghav’s mother reveals seeing a shadow near the window. Dadi shares that she has seen Raghav multiple times. Viraj interrogates Risha, who provides her response. Finally, Siya opens up and shares all the details with Viraj.

Dadi suggests Viraj ask Khushi if he doubts their family members’ honesty. Raghav’s mother defends Khushi, stating that she is just a child. Viraj’s attention then turns to Mehek. Siya intervenes and urges Viraj to stop this investigation. Dadi insists that Raghav’s ghost is haunting the house. Eventually, everyone except Siya and Viraj goes inside.

Siya tells Viraj that now they know the culprit is not a member of the family. Viraj reveals that he has found the answer to his question. He lights an agarbatti (incense stick) and makes Siya smell it. To her shock, she sees blood in the water glass and on her hand. Siya panics, but Viraj tries to calm her down, claiming she is hallucinating. Siya demands an explanation, and Viraj reveals that someone is using drug-infused agarbattis to make everyone hallucinate. He suspects that the culprit is even bringing in a Tantrik to create a dramatic effect. Siya questions if Dadi is behind all of this.

Later, Siya gathers everyone in the hall and confronts Dadi. Dadi accuses Siya of creating drama, but Viraj defends Siya and criticizes Dadi’s own dramatic tendencies. Sushma and others inquire about the situation, and Viraj presents the agarbatti as evidence. He accuses Dadi of using the agarbatti and implicating Raghav’s ghost. Siya supports Viraj’s claims, and Dadi confesses to her actions, expressing her disapproval of Siya and Viraj’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Mehek remembers how she made the drug-infused agarbattis and used Dadi as a pawn to execute her plan. Viraj questions Siya about Dadi’s sudden confession, recalling his earlier suspicions about Dadi. He believes Dadi is speaking like a robot, devoid of genuine emotions.

The episode ends with a preview showing Mehek’s anger upon witnessing Siya and Viraj’s dinner date.


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