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May I Come In Madam 16th December 2023 Written Update: Kashmira’s demand makes Khiloni helpless

May I Come In Madam 16th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Bhupesh entering the house and being convinced by Chedilal and Ramvati’s lies, which brings them both joy. Kashmira apologizes to Sajan for the dreams she had about him and explains that she can’t control the kind of nightmares she has. Sajan mentions Kashmira’s family members, but she warns him not to do so. She then asks him what he plans to do. Sajan mocks her and heads to the washroom, while Kashmira goes to get a cup of coffee.

Sajan begins freshening up and senses someone entering the room. Thinking it’s Kashmira, he asks for her help. However, it turns out to be the person wearing the Joker’s mask, who enters the washroom and assists Sajan. Sajan is shocked to see the Joker when he opens his eyes. The Joker hits him and quickly leaves. Kashmira arrives and is shocked to see Sajan’s condition. She asks him what happened and how he cleaned himself. Sajan makes up an excuse, and Kashmira leaves. Meanwhile, Balu is seen sharpening a knife and tells Bubby that he’s going to clean up some mess. Bubby is confused but mocks him before leaving for work.

In the office, Sajan waits for Sanjana near an elevator. When Sanjana arrives, she pretends to be cheerful and happy. Inside the elevator, Sanjana expresses her fear of getting caught. Sajan shouts at her to listen and tells her about the attack he experienced at his house. Sanjana becomes even more worried and suggests involving the police, but Sajan refuses. He believes that the blackmailer doesn’t have any proof of their crime and suggests finding the blackmailer as soon as possible.

Later, Chedy notices Sajan’s stressed state and asks him about it. Sajan gets annoyed and shouts at him, causing Chedy to crack a joke. Sajan stops him from putting on his sunglasses to become Chedilal and loses his temper when Chedy mentions pants. Sajan shouts at him again, preventing Chedy from becoming Chedilal and apologizes to him.

Kashmira calls Sajan and asks if he’s wearing pants. Sajan shouts at her, and she hangs up. Later, Sajan is in the restroom when someone puts an envelope with a photograph of him and Sanjana near a dead body. Sajan is shocked and struggles to keep the photo to himself as someone tries to take it away forcibly. Sajan fails to keep the photo hidden, leaving him in shock.

Meanwhile, Kashmira goes to Khiloni’s shop and informs him of her decision to meet his grandfather. Khiloni tries to persuade her otherwise, but Kashmira remains determined, leaving Khiloni feeling helpless. On the other hand, Sanjana is with Chedilal and Vinod, reminiscing about their childhood. Sajan arrives without wearing pants, which raises questions from Chedilal and Sanjana. Sajan signals to Sanjana and makes up an excuse to speak with her privately. He shows Sanjana the photograph, hoping it will provide a clue about the blackmailer. Unbeknownst to them, the Joker observes them secretly.

Precap: Sajan attempts to catch the blackmailer but fails, much to Sanjana’s dismay. Later, Sajan is shocked to find a masked man in his house.


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