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Imlie 28th December 2023 Written Update: Imlie’s shocking decision

Imlie 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie being attacked by the killer. Despite defending herself, the killer manages to silence her and takes her away. He launches a second attack on Imlie, and although she tries to fight back, she is hit for a third time. However, Imlie somehow manages to save herself. The killer attempts to strike again, but Agastya intervenes and stops him by grabbing his hand. Agastya fights the killer, with Biswa joining in to assist. Amma ji cries upon seeing Imlie’s injuries and regrets not heeding her warnings about the killer being inside the house. Imlie reassures Amma ji that she is fine. The killer manages to escape within the house, but Agastya and Biswa chase after him, unable to locate him.

Agastya advises everyone to stay together. In a bid to save himself, the killer points a knife at Bulbul, but Karam attacks him from behind, rescuing Bulbul. The killer flees once again. Karam reassures Bulbul that she is safe and promises to always protect her. He embraces her and holds her hands in front of their family members. Agastya looks at Imlie and realizes that she was always right. Biswa informs everyone that he has alerted the police to conduct a thorough search for the killer. Shivani tends to Imlie’s wounds, and Imlie expresses her disappointment as it is supposed to be a special day for her.

Shivani confesses to Imlie that she too has been behaving strangely, just like Agastya. She lies and claims that she is fine, which is enough for her. Navya tells Shivani that she wants her as her daughter-in-law and asks Rajni to perform the traditional farewell ceremony for Shivani. Karam tells Rajni to stop crying, reminding her that Shivani is only moving to the opposite house. Rajni explains that she is upset because Shivani is leaving her own home to go to her in-laws’ house. Imlie tells Rajni to be happy, as Shivani will now have two homes, and whenever she calls, Shivani will come running to meet her. Rajni embraces Shivani and Imlie.

Shivani bids farewell to everyone, crying alongside her family members. Navya accompanies Shivani as they leave. Imlie asks Agastya to go ahead, assuring him that she will join him later. She thanks Biswa for his help, and he assures her that no one will harm Agastya except him. He instructs Imlie to follow his lead. Jugnu arrives to collect the flowers and gifts along with the chef, unaware that the killer is still inside the house.

Amma ji admits to Imlie that she was always right about Karam and Bulbul. She acknowledges that Imlie has always worked for the betterment of the family. Amma ji tells Imlie that she not only embodies devotion to Radha Rani but also reflects her values. She apologizes to Imlie for everything, but Imlie requests her not to apologize and instead asks for her blessings.

Amma ji expresses her pride in having a daughter-in-law like Imlie to Agastya. She reveals that she has arranged a special prayer ceremony for them and will give Imlie a warm welcome. Amma ji advises Agastya and Imlie to rest, as they need to wake up early. She presents Agastya with a ancestral ring and instructs him to place it on Imlie’s finger during the prayer ceremony. Amma ji assures Agastya that their relationship is eternal, and after wearing the ring, Imlie will forever be a part of their family.

Imlie packs her belongings, prompting Agastya to ask where she is going. Imlie informs him that she is leaving to celebrate her independence, as the contract between them ends today. Agastya acknowledges that the contract is over, and Imlie states that she will not hesitate to move on. She declares that from tomorrow onwards, they will be strangers. Imlie prepares her bed and goes to sleep, while Agastya contemplates taking another step, observing the ring.

The next morning, Amma ji asks Agastya about Imlie’s whereabouts. Agastya informs her that he is waiting for her. Imlie tells Agastya that she is waiting for him too because it is a special day for her. Agastya presents her with the ring, but Biswa arrives with his own ring. Imlie informs Agastya that she is going to marry Biswa.

Precap: Biswa confesses his love for Agastya and expresses his desire to marry him. Amma ji reminds Biswa that Imlie is her daughter-in-law and Agastya’s wife. Biswa reveals that Agastya had a contract marriage with Imlie. He takes Imlie by the hand and leads her away in front of everyone.


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