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Kavya 8th December 2023 Written Update: Giriraj warns Kavya

Kavya 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kajri asking Kavya if she could clean the table. Kavya agrees and Kajri introduces herself. Later, Kavya asks Kajri about the woman sitting outside the office with a board.

Giriraj arrives and Kavya’s colleague welcomes him. Giriraj greets Kavya and decides to have food with her and see her cabin. Meanwhile, Mayank questions Anjali about cleaning the table again. Anjali expresses her concern about Kavya going to Bhamalpur. The cab driver arrives, claiming Rajiv sent him. Mayank secretly gives him money and sends him away, hiding the fact that Adi posed as the cab driver.

Giriraj asks Kavya about her first day, and she responds nonchalantly. He then informs her that 1237 people have died due to an unlicensed liquor shop. Giriraj dismisses Kavya’s colleagues and warns her to stay away from Adi, threatening to destroy her.

Giriraj advises Sangram to allow Kavya to go to the unlicensed liquor shop, and Sangram agrees. Kavya conducts a raid and collects samples. Adi brings equipment to Kavya’s office, and she questions him about it. Aman Preet Chadda arrives, and Kavya greets her. Aman criticizes Kavya for the unsuccessful raid, stating that they are now alert.

In the precap, Kavya tells Adi that her father was right and asks him to leave. Aman Preet assigns Kavya the task of finding the snitch, and Kavya gets trapped in an ice room. Adi searches for Kavya.

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