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Dhruv Tara 8th December 2023 Written Update: Surya makes an important announcement

Dhruv Tara 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Surya expressing her gratitude to Bhavosa for accepting Meenakshi and Dhruv. Surya assures Bhavosa that she will not be disappointed with her decision. However, Bheera confronts Bhavosa and expresses his disappointment in her. He tells her that she has always emphasized the importance of protecting the family’s culture, but now she has accepted Dhruv and let him down. Bheera goes on to say that he no longer wants to stay with them and even wishes to harm Dhruv. He believes that Bhavosa always makes the wrong decisions when it comes to choosing the right person.

Surya questions Bheera about whom he is pointing this question at. Bheera reveals that he is pointing at Surya himself because she married a Brahmin girl and now wants to give Meenakshi’s hand to an unknown person. Surya defends herself and explains that Meenakshi is not her own sister, which is why she made the decision to marry her off to Dhruv. Surya tells Bheera that he is only saying these things out of anger. Bheera, however, argues that he has seen Surya’s reign and apologizes for not being able to stay true to his ideology. He believes that Surya has chosen the wrong person to be the king of Devgarh, as he is making wrong decisions regarding his sister’s happiness.

Surya insists that Dhruv is an honest man and that he has not misbehaved with Meenakshi. Bheera, on the other hand, believes that a kingdom should be ruled by rules and regulations, not by misconceptions. He warns Surya that if he continues to make decisions based on misconceptions, he will eventually be left alone. Surya ponders over Bheera’s words.

Meanwhile, Dhruv meets Antara and she expresses her regret for advising him against marrying Meenakshi. Antara tells Dhruv that Meenakshi loves him deeply and is willing to sacrifice her life for him. Dhruv, however, dismisses Antara’s words and tells her that it is his and Meenakshi’s matter to discuss, not hers. Antara tries to make Dhruv understand that he shouldn’t punish Meenakshi for her mistake and warns him that if he decides to take revenge, he cannot back off from this relationship. Dhruv asserts that he will decide what is best for him and tells Antara not to play with his emotions.

Surya, feeling hurt by Bheera’s words, confides in Antara. He tells her that he finds strength and hope in her. Surya explains that Meenakshi is not his own sister and Bheera wants to leave the kingdom because he wants Meenakshi to be happy. Surya, torn between his responsibilities as a king and his love for his sister, wonders if he is committing a crime by prioritizing his sister’s happiness.

Sona and Chandi, who initially wanted to play the game to become the queen, are now preparing to go into exile. Bheera tells Bhavosa not to stop him, but she criticizes him for being a coward who is running away to save his own life.

Bhavosa shares her thoughts with Bheera, confessing that she is also against Dhruv and Meenakshi’s relationship. She explains that she accepted Dhruv to save Meenakshi’s life, but she will not allow the wedding to take place. Bhavosa reminds Bheera that she was initially against accepting Antara as well, but she eventually changed her mind for the sake of Devgarh. However, she refuses to accept Dhruv as she believes Shaurya should be the rightful heir. Bheera questions Bhavosa’s next move, but she suggests that they find out about Dhruv’s past to expose him. Bhavosa reveals that Surya had rebuilt Vallavgarh after an earthquake and suggests that Bheera investigate Dhruv’s past. If successful, Bhavosa promises to make Bheera the new king of Vallavgarh.

Surya, determined to protect Meenakshi’s happiness and reputation, decides to make Dhruv the king of Vallavgarh, the kingdom he rebuilt. Antara questions Surya’s decision, to which he responds that he knows about her attachment to Vallavgarh. However, he is determined to prioritize his sister’s happiness and avoid any finger-pointing. Antara is upset, but Surya reassures her that this difficult time will pass. He tells her not to worry and kisses her forehead before going to meet Dhruv.

Rajmata believes that she must inform Dhruv that they cannot stay in an enemy state. However, Surya and Rajmata unintentionally bump into each other. Surya asks Rajmata for her identification, and she explains that she has come to visit a friend who works in the palace.

In the upcoming episode, Dhruv finds himself in a desperate situation, but Tara comes to his rescue and confesses her love for him.


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