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Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 8th December 2023 Written Update: Ankush chooses suspension over working for Satya.

Dabangii – Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ankush remembering what had happened earlier. Bela is seen crying and thinking about the incident.

Arya brings turmeric milk for Ankush and insists that he drinks it. Ankush obeys and consumes the turmeric milk as per Arya’s request.

Sai visits Ankush’s house and witnesses him feeding Arya. Sai expresses her disappointment to Ankush, stating that Bela is crying while he spends time with Arya. Sai declares that she will not come to him anymore and leaves. Soon after, Ankush receives a call from his superiors, instructing him to come to the police station immediately. Ankush agrees and heads to the station.

Sai consoles Bela and encourages her to have some milk, assuring her that Ankush may have forgotten about her but she hasn’t.

Upon arriving at the police station, Ankush notices the officers gossiping about him.

Meanwhile, Arya prays to God, hoping that Ankush will soon be out of trouble.

Ankush’s superior questions him about his relationship with Arya. Ankush explains that they have a father-daughter relationship. However, his superior expresses surprise, mentioning that he didn’t expect Ankush to have a second wife. The superior then gives Ankush two options: suspension or becoming Satya’s security. Ankush chooses suspension over being Satya’s security.

A constable informs Satya about Ankush’s decision, which upsets Satya, leading him to throw his phone away.

Kasturi asks Bela to sign divorce papers, claiming that it is for Bela’s own good. Avdabai notices the divorce papers and questions Kasturi’s intentions. Kasturi insists that she is doing this for Bela’s benefit.

Tanmay and Sai conspire to get Arya into trouble. They ensure that Arya overhears their conversation, where they mention that Bela is upset with Ankush and has left the house because she lost her favorite ring in the garden. They plan to cheer Bela up by finding the ring at 3 am that night. Arya decides to find the ring before them.

Avdabai scolds Kasturi for trying to separate Ankush and Bela. Satya suggests that Ankush and Bela should reconcile, and he brings Bela to Ankush’s house.

Bela is surprised to learn that Ankush is breaking Sai’s fixed deposit as he has lost his job. Satya reveals that he offered Ankush a job as his security, which Ankush rejected. Bela gives Ankush an ultimatum, stating that he must become her security detail as a police officer, or else she and Sai will never enter that house again.

The episode ends with Ankush arriving and realizing that Arya is not in her room. Ankush confronts Satya and demands to know where Arya is. Satya claims to have no knowledge of her whereabouts, and Ankush grabs him by the collar.

Precap: Ankush questions Satya about Arya’s location and confronts him aggressively.


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