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Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update: Krishna and Rajvansh refuse to partner up with each other.

Kumkum Bhagya 6th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Dadaji defending himself against accusations of eating the Samosa. Dadaji then asks who actually ordered the Samosa. Dadaji manipulates Yug by offering him a car and convinces him to frame Hermal for ordering the Samosa. Harleen comments on Hermal and walks away. Dadaji goes to his room to enjoy the Samosa.

Rajvansh receives a call from his staff, informing him that Robert’s partner, Patrick, wants to meet him for a meeting. Rajvansh agrees to the meeting and tells Yug that the deal has been finalized.

Diya asks Purvi if she is absolutely sure about going with Ashutosh. Purvi confirms her decision. Diya expresses her doubts about Ashutosh, believing that he is not deserving of being Purvi’s fiancé. Diya notices Ashutosh struggling to kick-start his bike, so she helps him and demonstrates how it’s done. Later, Ashutosh takes Purvi to a hotel. Diya prays to God, hoping that Ashutosh will not become Purvi’s husband.

Purvi and Ashutosh arrive at a 5-star hotel. Ashutosh boasts to Purvi that he has been here before. At the reception, Ashutosh asks the receptionist to check the availability of a room on the 25th. Meanwhile, Ashutosh steps away to take a call.

Purvi is stunned to see Rajvansh in the hotel, wearing the same jacket she saw in her dreams. Ashutosh notices Rajvansh talking to Purvi and remembers what happened. He quickly takes Purvi away from Rajvansh.

Rajvansh and Krishna believe that they have secured the contract and mock each other. However, the client surprises them by suggesting a partnership between the two. Rajvansh and Krishna both refuse to collaborate. Rajvansh receives a call from his mother, urging him to come home immediately. Rajvansh promises to be there soon. The client insists that he cannot leave in the middle of the meeting, but Rajvansh prioritizes his family and leaves, declaring that he will never partner with Krishna. Krishna also announces to the client that he will never collaborate with Rajvansh and leaves.

Nupur and Hermal manage to calm down Harleen and remind her that Rajvansh is in an important meeting and will suffer a loss if he doesn’t attend. Harleen agrees and calls Rajvansh to inform him that he doesn’t need to come as everything has been sorted out. Krishna observes Rajvansh talking to his family on the phone and thinks that Rajvansh is a good person.

The episode concludes.


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