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Rab Se Hai Dua Upcoming Story: Dua faces humiliation!

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Rab Se Hai Dua is a popular show on Zee TV that features Karanvir Sharma, Richa Rathore, and Aditi Sharma in the lead roles. The series revolves around the lives of Dua, Haider, and Gazal, exploring the concept of polygamy in Islam. In the latest episode, Gazal hatches a plan to kill Hina, creating tension and suspense.

In the previous episode, Dua questions Hina about who pushed her from the window. Manipulated by Gazal, Hina mentions Dua’s name, leading to Dua’s arrest. Haider, however, stands up for Dua and refuses to let her be taken into custody.

The inspector threatens to arrest Haider for obstructing her duties, but Haider remains steadfast in his support for Dua. Eventually, Dua convinces Haider to stay by Hina’s side while she is taken away by the inspector. Meanwhile, Gazal revels in her victory.

In the upcoming episode, Haider confronts Gazal and reveals that she has made a grave mistake by sending Dua to jail. He declares that she is now his enemy and challenges her to release Dua before sunrise.

Gazal attempts to flirt with Haider and claims her rights over him, but he vehemently rejects her, expressing his deep hatred for her. The media begins to tarnish Dua’s reputation, adding to the mounting tension.

What will happen next? Will Dua be able to expose Gazal’s true intentions? Will Haider uncover the truth?

To find out, stay tuned to Rab Se Hai Dua on Zee TV or the Zee 5 app.


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