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Doree Upcoming Story: Neelu to find out Doree’s real parents!

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Colors TV recently premiered a new show called Doree, which is set in the beautiful city of Varanasi. The show tackles important issues in society, such as the abandonment of a girl’s child and the rights of girls. Through the eyes of a young girl named Doree, it sheds light on the realities of the world.

In the previous episode, we witnessed an incident where Doree accidentally fell on Kailash Devi. Apologizing for her actions, she made a deal with her to release Ganga Prasad. Doree was willing to do anything in return. Kailash Devi was impressed by her determination and agreed to the deal. From that point onwards, she demanded that everyone listen to her.

Meanwhile, Vansh asked Doree to eat butter that had fallen on the floor. In order to fulfill her father’s request, she agreed to do so. Neelu overheard Mansi’s conversation with Sudha and found it suspicious.

The episode took an emotional turn when Ganga Prasad was released from jail and Doree warmly embraced him.

Later on, Neelu shocked the people of Basti by revealing that Kailash Devi had agreed to provide them with work and money. However, in exchange, they had to surrender their house documents to her. This news left everyone in utter disbelief, but they had no choice but to sign the documents.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Neelu discovering that Doree is Kailash Devi’s real granddaughter. It will be revealed that Mansi gave birth to a girl six years ago. Ganga Prasad will urge Doree to focus on her studies and make him proud. Neelu will also inform Mansi that she has found out some information about her daughter.

The burning questions on everyone’s minds are: Will Doree be able to find her real mother? And when will Kailash Devi discover that Doree is her own granddaughter?

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode, as it promises to answer all of our questions. Keep following for more updates!


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