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Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2023 Written Update: Jasveer gets bail

Kumkum Bhagya 8th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Krishna and Prachi standing next to each other in the market, unaware of each other’s presence.

Prachi and Bina leave the area, and Krishna notices some keys on the ground. He realizes that the keys belong to the customers who are leaving at the moment. Krishna decides to return the keys to them and follows Prachi and Bina.

Ashutosh gets into an argument with the receptionist, thinking that she is charging too much for the hotel room. He demands to speak with someone higher up. The receptionist tells Ashutosh to leave if he can’t afford a room in a five-star hotel.

Purvi calls Prachi, but Bina answers the call. Bina asks Purvi if everything is alright there. Purvi reassures her and says she wants to talk to Prachi. Prachi speaks with Purvi on the phone and informs her about the expensive prices at the hotel and Ashutosh’s argument. Purvi asks Prachi to explain the situation to Bina. Prachi agrees. Rajvansh overhears Purvi’s conversation with Prachi. Krishna spots Prachi from behind and is about to tap her shoulder, but he remembers mistaking others for her in the past. Krishna gives the keys to Bina and walks away.

Rajvansh apologizes to Purvi and admits that he overheard their conversation. Purvi tells him that it’s not a secret. Ashutosh tries to take Purvi away from there. Rajvansh questions Ashutosh, asking how he can take Purvi away when he is right in front of him. Ashutosh argues with Rajvansh, denying any jealousy. Rajvansh asks Purvi if she wants to book a room in the hotel, but Ashutosh insists on booking a banquet hall. Rajvansh assures Purvi that they will find a banquet hall within their budget as he knows the owner, Vishal. Rajvansh leaves afterward.

Jasveer taunts the inspector, claiming that he will be released soon. Jasveer thinks about meeting Purvi. The inspector reminds Jasveer that he was granted bail on the condition of staying away from Purvi. Jasveer confirms this with his lawyer and declares that he will meet Purvi regardless of the consequences. The inspector warns Jasveer that he will be sent back to jail if he does so. Jasveer mocks the police and walks away.

The receptionist approaches Ashutosh and Purvi, informing them that the banquet hall has been booked. Ashutosh pretends that the owner of the five-star hotel is his friend. He leaves with the receptionist to complete the necessary formalities.

Jasveer calls Purvi, but she mistakes it for a call from Prachi. She assures Prachi that the banquet hall has been booked and asks her not to worry. Jasveer tells Purvi that he needs to hurry. He threatens to burn down the banquet hall before her wedding and marry her. Purvi becomes frightened and tells Jasveer to stay away from her. Jasveer taunts her, claiming that no one can harm her. Purvi warns Jasveer that Rajvansh is with her and he will take care of him. Jasveer ends the call.

Purvi runs into Rajvansh, who asks her if she’s okay. Purvi says she will be fine as long as he is with her. She thanks Rajvansh for his help. Ashutosh and Purvi leave together. Yug tells Rajvansh that Purvi might have feelings for him.

The episode ends.


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