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Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th December 2023 Written Update: Angad confronts the coach

Teri Meri Doriyaann 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Garry teasing Seerat, questioning her lack of enthusiasm for her freedom. Seerat responds by informing Garry that Jasleen and Yash are getting remarried. Garry pretends not to care. Curious, Seerat asks Garry about his reaction. Garry declares that he doesn’t care about his father and urges Seerat to sign the divorce papers to settle the matter. Seerat agrees and signs the papers.

Meanwhile, Angad seeks the trust of Ajith and Santosh, who agree to attend the marriage on the condition that Kirat, who was previously insulted at the Brar mansion, does not accompany them. Kirat notices someone knocking on the door and goes to investigate. To her surprise, it’s the coach. She questions his presence.

Seerat not only signs the divorce papers but also gets Garry’s signature. She plans to submit the documents to the court. Seerat adds a condition that Garry must never come into contact with any member of the Brar family again before leaving.

Kirat informs Ajith that the coach is the one who molested her. Angad confronts the coach, who reveals that he acted on Yash’s instructions. Angad demands to know who the coach wants to accuse.

Meanwhile, Sahiba wonders where Seerat might have gone and starts searching for her. Unbeknownst to Sahiba, a large cupboard blocks her view. She catches a glimpse of Seerat leaving the corridor. To her shock, Sahiba recognizes the goon who attacked Angad at the hotel.

Sahiba witnesses the goon meeting with Dev, the manager of the Blue Carnation hotel. They enter a room together. Sahiba knocks on the door, and Dev opens it, asking her what she wants. Sahiba reminds Dev that she is Angad’s wife and accuses him of spying on them. Garry, wearing a mask, is stunned upon hearing Sahiba’s voice. Sahiba tries to enter the room, but Dev and the goon stop her. In response, she pepper sprays them and manages to enter the room. Sahiba attempts to see the face of the mysterious person but is struck from behind by Mannat with a vase, causing her to lose consciousness. Garry ensures that Sahiba is not dead.

The coach argues with Angad, claiming that Yash was the one who ordered him to commit the molestation. Angad and the Monga family find it hard to believe the coach’s accusation, but he insists that he has proof.

Mannat and Parth consult with Garry about what to do with Sahiba. Mannat notices Sahiba’s driver, Satpal, calling her phone and answers the call, pretending to be Sahiba’s friend. She instructs the driver to hand over the car keys to the valet and leave the location. Garry suggests that they leave Sahiba on the side of the road, and Mannat agrees.

The episode ends with Sahiba witnessing an argument between Garry and Yash. She can’t believe that Garry is alive and that Yash is supporting him.

Precap: Sahiba witnesses an argument between Garry and Yash, leaving her in disbelief.


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