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Doree Upcoming Story: Doree to save the newborn baby

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Colors TV has recently launched a new show called Doree, which takes place in the beautiful city of Varanasi. The show focuses on addressing societal issues such as the abandonment of girl children and the importance of girls’ rights. Through the eyes of a young girl named Doree, the audience is given a glimpse into the world and the challenges she faces.

In the previous episode, Ganga Prasad, a character in the show, encourages Doree to study hard and make him proud. Meanwhile, Neelu, another character, informs a woman named Mansi that she has discovered information about her long-lost daughter. However, Neelu lies to Mansi, telling her that her daughter has passed away.

Mansi is devastated upon hearing this news and pleads with Neelu to keep it a secret. In an unexpected twist, Neelu confides in Anand, revealing that Mansi’s daughter is actually alive.

In another storyline, Komal, a character in the show, experiences a fall and begins to experience labor pains. Ganga Prasad asks Mansi to take Komal to his house, but Kailash Devi, another character, demands that they bring Komal to her Haveli instead. The situation becomes risky for Komal’s baby, leaving Kailash Devi feeling helpless.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Kailash Devi performing a religious ceremony, only to be shocked when she learns that Komal has given birth to a baby girl. Kailash Devi declares that she does not want the baby, but Doree comes to the rescue and saves the newborn. Neelu then informs Anand that Doree is his daughter.

The audience is left with questions regarding Doree’s search for her real mother and when Kailash Devi will discover that Doree is her granddaughter. All of these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode, so stay tuned to for more updates.


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