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Chand Jalne Laga Upcoming Story: Malik to fight with Arjun

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Chand Jalne Laga is the newly launched show on Colors TV. The story revolves around Dev and Tara, who were childhood sweethearts and brought comfort to each other’s lives. However, fate takes them on different paths. It remains to be seen if destiny will bring them back together or if they will become enemies.

In the previous episode, Malik expressed his anger towards Tara. He reminded her that he is her boss and she should not cross her limits. Arjun disapproves of Malik’s behavior and gets into an argument with him. Malik demands Tara to complete her work.

Sardaj manipulates Ananya into marrying Malik. Malik asks Farvari to keep an eye on Tara. Arjun comes to Tara’s aid. Tara plays with Arjun using paint, but accidentally spills it on Malik. He glares at her, and a chandelier is about to fall on Tara.

Both Arjun and Malik notice the danger. Malik pulls Tara towards him to save her, while Arjun prevents the chandelier from falling. Malik scolds Tara for allowing Arjun into his house and humiliates him. Arjun argues with him.

In the upcoming episode, Arjun will challenge Malik to buy his Haveli from him within a day. Malik insults him, and Arjun ends up beating him. A fight ensues between them, and Tara pleads for them to stop.

What will happen next? Will Tara recognize Deva, who has grown up, as her childhood friend? Will Deva see Tara as innocent?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to for more updates.


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