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Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th December 2023 Written Update: Dua gets suspicious

Rabb Se Hai Dua 8th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Ruhan informing everyone that Gazal has done everything she could. Now it’s their turn to retaliate. Gulnaaz believes that killing Gazal would be a crime, but it would be a blessing for others. Hafeez expresses that eliminating her would rid the world of one bad person. Dua mentions that she would have given her life for Gazal, but she tried to take Haider away from her, and she won’t let that happen. Haider acknowledges that whatever Gazal did was the biggest mistake of her life. Hafeez declares that her game is over, and Dadi asserts that she will be punished for her actions. The anger towards Gazal is evident among everyone. Gazal, terrified, questions if they are trying to scare her and accuses them of mocking her. Hameeda aims a gun at her, making it clear that she isn’t joking. Gazal cries out for help, but Hameeda challenges her to see who will save her now. Gazal tries to escape but is surrounded by Akhthar. Gulnaaz urges Hameeda to shoot her, while Gazal fears for her life, realizing that there is no one to save her.

Gazal warns Gulnaaz that if she fails to aim correctly, the bullet will hit her instead. She asks Gulnaaz to consider whether she wants to die with her. Gulnaaz, frightened, backs away, and Hameeda calls her a fool. They continue to chase Gazal. Meanwhile, Dua receives a phone call, and Gulnaaz manages to catch Gazal again. Hameeda declares that she won’t let Gazal escape this time and plans to shoot her in the leg first to prevent her from running away. Gazal pleads with Hameeda not to do that, but Hameeda suggests shooting both her legs so that she can’t move. Dua intervenes, asking them to stop scaring Gazal. Gazal wonders if they are fooling her and recalls Eihchaaz’s advice, hoping that his words don’t come true. Ruhan instructs Kaynaat to keep an eye on Gazal and ensure she doesn’t escape. Kaynaat tells Gazal that they are not able to kill her, but they won’t let her go either. She slaps Gazal and reveals that she sent her son to jail, before beating her further. Gazal cries out for help, and Ruhan leaves the scene.

Hina remembers how Gazal pushed her down and vows not to let Gazal escape this time. Hameeda, Dadi, and Gulnaaz also beat Gazal for her attempt to kill Hina. Gulnaaz reveals that Hina has already told them the truth about Gazal’s actions, and they won’t spare her. Dua tells Haider that they have beaten Gazal enough and it’s time to stop them. However, Haider stops her, stating that what Gazal did to their family is a grave sin, as she tried to kill Dua and Hina. He asks Dua to watch Noor’s video recording. Hina witnesses Gazal being beaten and believes she deserves it all. She considers Gazal to be a devil who led her astray. Gazal notices Hina and tries to hug her, but Hina pushes her away, declaring that she is not her mother. Hina states that the old Hina died because she considered Gazal her daughter. Gazal realizes that Hina remembers everything and that her game is over. Gazal recalls the past incidents, where she referred to Hina as her mother. Hina warns her not to mention her as her mother and reminds Gazal that her mom is dead. Hina starts feeling dizzy and asks Dua for help, but Hina pushes Dua away and confesses that Gazal is responsible for her mother’s death. Hina feels guilty for her actions and makes Gazal stand up, admitting that Gazal’s mother died because of her. Hina asks Gazal for forgiveness and expresses her guilt. Gazal thinks that Hina conveniently loses her memory at the right time, or else no one would be able to save her. Hina mentions that Haider married Gazal but didn’t fulfill his duties as a husband due to Dua’s interference. Hina badmouths Dua, and Haider asks her to calm down. Hina accuses Gazal of being a devil who tried to kill her by pushing her out of the window. Dua requests Haider to understand the situation and tells him that she will make him understand what’s really going on. Dua covers her head with her dupatta and questions Hina’s actions, leaving Gazal wondering about her intentions.

Episode ends


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