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Parineetii Upcoming Story: Neeti plans to stop the wedding!

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Parineeti is a popular TV show on Colors. This show always keeps its viewers engaged with exciting revelations and twists. Currently, the focus of the series is on the Mehandi ceremony of Sanju and Parineet.

In a recent episode, we saw Sanju telling Neeti that she accused him of pretending to love Parineet. He is confused about what she really wants from him. Neeti divorced him, claiming that he was in love with Parineet. Now, she is saying that he doesn’t love her. Sanju explains to her that he has moved on and changed. He tells her that she will witness his commitment to Parineet during the wedding rituals. Neeti challenges him to prove his love for Parineet. Later, Sanju dances with Parineet, which makes Neeti feel jealous.

Neeti vents her anger on Bebe, who provokes Neeti further against Parineet. Neeti is determined to stop the wedding, considering it her house and not allowing Parineet to marry her husband. Meanwhile, Sanju takes care of Parineet, fueling Neeti’s jealousy.

In the upcoming episode, Sanju promises Parineet that he will give her the rights of a wife and stand by her. On the other hand, Neeti vows to destroy the people who have taken away her happiness and ensure they don’t find any joy. She expresses her anger by burning the shagun items.

What will happen next? Will Rajeev discover the truth? Will Bebe’s secret be revealed? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to for more updates.


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