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Parineetii 27th December 2023 Written Update: Parineet helps Parminder

Parineetii 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Parineet desperately trying to escape from the fire. Unfortunately, Neeti realizes that she too is trapped inside the burning house. At the same time, Parminder is in the kitchen and notices the smoke. Meanwhile, Tao ji and Amith are engaged in a discussion about Sanju’s upcoming wedding. Gurinder takes this opportunity to invite the neighbors to attend the wedding. However, they also notice the smoke coming from Parineet and Parminder’s house. Parminder thinks it’s a bad omen when a pot falls from her head. She then notices the fire inside the house.

Tao ji rushes to their house and is shocked to see the fire. Chandrika informs him that Parminder and Parineet are still inside. Gurinder questions Bebe about what is happening, to which Bebe replies that Parineet and Parminder are trapped. Sanju tries to enter the burning house, but Gurinder stops him. In a fit of anger, Sanju pushes her hand away. As he searches for Parineet, he hears Parminder’s voice. Neeti is also desperately trying to escape from the fire. Parminder assures Parineet that she is safe and asks her to take care of herself.

Parineet rolls a towel on her hand and breaks the window to make her way out of the room. Parminder shouts for help while Parineet manages to escape. She feels relieved that she is safe, but Parminder is still inside the kitchen. Neeti hopes that nothing bad happens to Parminder. Sanju notices Neeti and she calls out to him for help. He asks if she came to help him, but Neeti denies it and tells him that she came to retrieve her belongings. Sanju wets a towel and puts it around Neeti’s shoulder. Neeti reciprocates the gesture and says that his safety is important too. She asks if he is alright, and he nods in response. Sanju reveals that he is searching for Parineet.

Parineet spots Parminder and Neeti urges Sanju to think about himself first. She assures him that she is safe, but Sanju insists on helping Parineet. Neeti realizes that Sanju cares deeply for her and believes that she will die in the fire and never be able to return to him. She considers herself to be his life. Parminder warns Parineet not to come any closer, as it would put her in danger. She reminds Parineet that her wedding is tomorrow, but Parineet insists that she can’t think about her wedding at a time like this. Parminder is her mother and she can’t risk her life. Parineet shouts for help.

Sanju realizes that Parineet needs his help, but Parminder reveals that Parineet is pregnant and shouldn’t take any risks. Parminder advises Parineet to seek help from someone else, but Parineet insists that no one else is in the house and she has to save her mother at any cost. Parineet spots a water bottle nearby and pours the water on the fire. Parminder tries to dismiss it as useless, but Parineet then grabs baking soda and pours it on the fire.

Parineet expresses her gratitude to God and hugs Parminder. Chandrika asks Amith to assist them, but he informs her that he has already called the firefighters for help. Babli tells Monty that Parineet always finds herself in danger. She accuses Neeti of plotting everything and attempting to kill Parineet in order to stop the wedding. Monty consoles Babli while Parminder scolds Parineet for putting herself in danger. Parminder reminds her that she is her daughter and that she should at least consider her safety. Parineet applies Haldi (turmeric) on her hand as a symbol of protection.

Sanju continues searching for Parineet and tells Neeti that he will get her out first before looking for Parineet. Neeti realizes that she must not allow Sanju to go back inside as he would risk himself to save Parineet. The episode ends.

Precap: Neeti seeks revenge on Parineet.


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