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Rahul Roy breaks silence; speaks up about the Nepotism discussion in Bollywood.

Veteran Bollywood superstar Rahul Roy has finally broken his silence and decided to speak up about the recent Nepotism discussion that has sparked up all over. This discussion stemmed from Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide incident and has taken the Film industry by storm. 

Rahul Roy who has experienced his fair share of failures at the box office before hanging his acting coats for good has finally decided to speak up about the raging conversation about Nepotism all around. 

Rahul Roy on Nepotism discussion

Rahul Roy touched a nerve when he spoke up about Nepotism. He said, “I thrive on being the underdog. I think when you focus on your craft it is always good to surprise and bring so called powers down with the janta verdict. This outsider label is not just in our industry, it is in every industry. So of course, these people of the industry as they say, might get the opportunity but how many of them do we know did not reach the heights of their parents. Eventually, your craft, if you’re liked, no amount of followers can get you respect. Even if I do something wrong, I won’t be spared. It doesn’t really matter anymore.”

Packing up

Rahul Roy eventually said, “Superstardom is a perk, it is a bonus, your end result is your craft. It is not your stardom which keeps you relevant. Eventually, it is the work you do.”

The perceptions of this topic are many, but we cannot deny that at some level, what Rahul Roy says does hold a definite level of truth in it.


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