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‘There’s favoritism, no nepotism in Bollywood’ says Johny Lever’s daughter Jamie about the Nepotism discussion.

With the recent demise of Sushant Singh Rajput and its alleged reason being Nepotism in the Hindi Film industry, discussions have lately been unending. Recently, many Bollywood stars have come out speaking for and against nepotism which has, at the moment, become a hot-potato discussion to hold. 

In a long line of star-children who have come out speaking about the matter, the most recent one happens to be Jamie Lever – daughter of comic legend Johny Lever. Jamie Lever happens to hold the belief that in the light of recent events, it is favoritism that should be the keyword and not nepotism. 

Jamie Lever (Picture Courtesy : Instagram)

Jamie said, “I can talk about my journey, being a film child, a star-kid, although I don’t like saying that, I think when people talk about nepotism, it doesn’t apply to all the star kids. Not all star-kids are given the privilege. I’ve had a very different journey. There’s favouritism, there’s no nepotism, there’s favouritism to a certain lot.”

Jamie takes a different perspective on the matter through her own experience

She even spoke about her father’s work ethics and her position in the industry. She said, “There’s favoritism to a friend’s child, there’s favoritism to a certain group of people you know. My dad has done his job as his job; he didn’t make it his life. He went to work, shot for his films, and came back home that was his real life. He lived his real life which was his family, his friends, his spirituality. We were never a part of any filmy parties, we never went, and we were never a part of any group. My dad was never filmy, my mother, as I said, came from a very humble background.”


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