Ranbir Kapoor Reveals: Alia Bhatt – The Big-Time Sulker! Find Out Why!

Ranbir Kapoor, besides being a talented actor, has a deep passion for football. In addition to his on-screen ventures, he also co-owns Mumbai City FC, a football club in the Indian Super League. As a huge fan of the sport, Ranbir even supports FC Barcelona. You’ll often find him playing football with other Bollywood stars, but there’s one person he’d rather not play against—his wife, Alia Bhatt.

During an event where he unveiled the new shirt for Mumbai City FC, Ranbir candidly admitted that he wouldn’t want to compete in football with Alia. Why? Well, according to Ranbir, Alia is quite competitive, and if he were to win, he knows he’d hear about it for a long time. He jokingly mentioned that Alia would sulk if she lost and tease him endlessly if she emerged victorious. So, to keep things peaceful, Ranbir prefers to avoid playing against her. But hey, if Alia were to win, he admits she’d boast about it just as passionately.

Ranbir Kapoor also opened up about his love for football and how it shaped his identity. Being a self-proclaimed “below average” student in school, he discovered his true personality when he joined the school football team. “Sports teach us so much in life,” he said. He fondly remembered the moment his name first appeared in the newspaper when he scored a goal for the inter-school football team from Bombay Scottish. Football gave him a sense of purpose and helped him develop as an individual.

Recently, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were spotted at an ISL football match supporting Mumbai City FC against Kerala Blasters. The couple was seen engrossed in conversation in the stands, showing their support for the team. After the game, they walked hand in hand inside the stadium, capturing some beautiful moments together.

It’s clear that Ranbir’s love for football goes beyond the silver screen, and his association with Mumbai City FC adds another dimension to his passion. As for his friendly rivalry with Alia on the football field, it’s all in good fun and adds a playful dynamic to their relationship.


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