‘Satish Kaushik’s Final Film “Mirg” Set to Release with Gripping Trailer

“Mirg,” the last film featuring the late Satish Kaushik, is poised to make its theatrical debut on February 9. The trailer, unveiled on Wednesday, offers a glimpse into a narrative brimming with drama, mystery, and intrigue. The cast includes the late Satish Kaushik, Raj Babbar, Anup Soni, and Shwetaabh Singh, who plays a significant role in this coming-of-age vengeance story. Satish Kaushik, who passed away due to cardiac arrest last year, holds special significance in this film as it marks his final cinematic appearance.

The plot centres around Anil, a smart yet confined young man obediently following orders. An incident and his connection with a co-worker, Ravi, alter Anil’s perception of the world around him. The storyline delves into the mythology of Mirg, a mountain leopard from the lower Himalayas. Raj Babbar portrays the character of a seasoned politician, adding depth to the narrative. The teaser also showcases Satish Kaushik brandishing a gun, hinting at intense and dramatic sequences.

Mirg, according to the official synopsis, explores the mythology surrounding Mirg, a rare mountain leopard found in the lower areas of Himachal Pradesh. The film delves into larger-than-life yet strangely plausible myths and legends associated with Mirg. The central character, Anil, questions his blind obedience to commands and the absence of revolt around him.

Directed by Tarun Sharma, Mirg is produced by Rishi Anand, Shwetaabh Singh, and Tarun Sharma. As audiences anticipate the release of this intriguing film, it stands as a tribute to the late Satish Kaushik, showcasing his talent in one final cinematic endeavour. Mirg promises to be a unique and engaging cinematic experience, combining elements of mythology, drama, and suspense.


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