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Titli 27th October 2023 Written Update: Chintu and Dhara get their happy ending

Titli 27th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Garv telling Titlie that she at all times feels that she is true so he’ll end up her flawed. Garv is going to Megha and brings her to holy hearth. Titlie asks the priest to start out the seven vows. Garv takes vows with Megha year he assists in keeping taking a look at Titlie. Manikant asks Garv what he’s doing. Garv nonetheless assists in keeping continues to whip the rounds. Maina tells Titlie that she must prevent them sooner than seven rounds entire however the last says Garv must construct the verdict.

Garv recollects his marriage with Titlie and all moments spent together with her. He angrily leaves Megha’s hand and says he can’t proceed doing this. Megha says him that handiest two vows are left however Garv denies taking additional rounds. Titlie involves Garv and he asks why she isn’t retirement him inspite of him doing such a lot flawed together with her. He cries himself lowlife and fallacious for her. Titlie says she is aware of Garv can’t keep with out her and professes her love for Garv once more too. Either one of them emotionally have a look at every alternative and hug too. Maina and Manikant in any case really feel relived.

Garv tells Titlie that he loves her too and hugs her once more year Megha appears on in disbelief. Alpa displays the being pregnant document and confronts Drishti. She cries her shameless and slaps her. Dhara places blame on her good friend ocular Drishti scared. Alpa sees Chintu there and appears at him disgustingly. She scolds Dhara for making malicious pals. Megha separates Garv and Titlie and asks what’s going down there. Maina says no matter is going on now’s right kind. She tells Garv that Megha had deliberate the entirety to isolated them. Maina tells Megha’s reality to Garv and the last finally ends up announcing Garv that she loves him a batch.

Megha says Garv that she fell in love with him when he safe her from goons. She says she is going to by no means ask him to switch himself as she loves him the way in which he’s. She begs him to finish the rounds. Garv asks her to avoid him as he belongs to Titlie and can handiest love her , his spouse. Megha says they’re already divorced. Titlie brings parting papers and displays that she didn’t signal them so they don’t seem to be divorced. Titlie burns them within the hearth. Maina asks Megha to drop or else she must name police.

Chiku jokes with Garv that if he married psycho Megha all of them would have needed to endure. Maina and Manikant says alls neatly that ends neatly. Drishti involves Chintu’s space and says that they must now not come to her space with marriage proposal for her. Maina does Garv and Titlie’s aarti. Garv says he’s modified and can love Titlie such a lot that there’s no scope for complains. Manikant and Garv additionally hug every alternative and cloudless their misunderstandings. Paresh and Chintu come to Titlie’s space and proposes to get him married with Dhara which surprises her. Drishti tells Dhara that she will be able to glance later herself. The episode ends with each households taking selfie in combination.


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