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Junooniyatt Upcoming Story: Ilahi to stop Jahan’s wedding

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Colors TV’s newly launched show, Junooniyatt, revolves around three aspiring singers named Jahan, Ilahi, and Jordan. However, the focus is currently on Jahan, who finds himself in a dilemma.

In the previous episode, Ilahi regained consciousness and called Seerat during her wedding. Ilahi informed her that despite her attempt to kill her, she is still alive. Ilahi threatened to file a complaint against Seerat and Jordan, asking her to prepare herself for going to jail. Seerat immediately informed Jordan about this, leaving him feeling nervous. Jordan then shared the news with Mahi and contemplated leaving the city. However, he ultimately decided against it, as he had evidence against Seerat.

Ilahi confronted Jordan, revealing that she knew he came to kill her. She fearlessly stated that he couldn’t scare her and that he would go to jail for his actions. In a heated moment, Jordan attempted to stab Ilahi, but she managed to defend herself by grabbing his hand. He ended up attacking her.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect to see Jahan and Seerat sitting on the mandap for their wedding. As the wedding rituals commence, the priest will ask Jahan to apply vermilion to Seerat. However, Ilahi will intervene and declare that it is her right.

What will happen next? Will Ilahi and Jahan reunite? Will Ilahi expose Jordan and Seerat?

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode to find out the answers to these questions. Make sure to keep an eye on for more updates.


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