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Junooniyatt 27th October 2023 Written Update: Ilahi stops the wedding

Junooniyat 27th October 2023 – A Dramatic Turn of Events

The latest episode of Junooniyat begins with an intense confrontation between Jordan and Ilahi. Jordan pleads with Ilahi not to run away from him, but Ilahi remains firm in her decision. She explains that she cannot allow Seerat to marry Jahan, as they have already sacrificed their own happiness for the sake of others. Ilahi admits that she is aware of Jordan’s love for her, but she believes that Seerat tried to kill her. She insists that Seerat must be punished for her actions and that Jahan cannot be spared either. Jordan promises to help Ilahi in her quest for justice.

Meanwhile, Jahan imagines Ilahi’s presence near him, indicating his conflicted emotions. However, before he can fully process his thoughts, Ilahi takes matters into her own hands. She attacks Jordan, pretending to do so in order to save Jahan. At the wedding ceremony, just as Jahan is about to fill Seerat’s hairline with vermilion, Ilahi interrupts and claims that the vermilion rightfully belongs to her. Dolly, Jahan’s mother, expresses her frustration with Ilahi’s constant interference, accusing her of ruining her son’s life.

Ilahi then reveals the truth to everyone present. She explains that Seerat and Jordan attempted to kill her, causing her to fall into a coma. She woke up just in time to stop Jahan and Seerat’s wedding. Seerat denies these allegations, framing Ilahi as the culprit instead. Ilahi accuses Seerat of deleting her contacts and planning to marry Jahan while concealing her true intentions. Seerat continues to deny these claims, but Ilahi insists that she called everyone to expose Seerat’s deceit.

Jordan supports Ilahi’s claims, playing a recording that supposedly proves Ilahi’s innocence. However, Jahan is torn between believing the recording and his own feelings. Dolly, desperate to protect Jahan, urges him to marry Seerat. This leads to a heated argument between Ilahi and Dolly, with Amardeep siding with Ilahi. The situation escalates when the police arrive with a lawyer, stating that Jahan and Seerat would need to get divorced before they can remarry. The police support Ilahi, causing tension within Jahan’s family.

As the episode concludes, Jahan reflects on Ilahi’s actions and vows never to forgive her for causing turmoil in his family. On the other hand, Ilahi prays for strength to fight against evil, despite Jordan mocking her. The episode ends on a suspenseful note, leaving viewers eager to find out what happens next.


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