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Junooniyatt Upcoming Story: Ilahi’s attempt to expose Jordan

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Colors TV’s newly launched show, Junooniyatt, centers around three aspiring singers named Jahan, Ilahi, and Jordan. In the latest episode, the focus is on Jahan, who finds himself in a dilemma.

Previously, we witnessed Jordan attempting to harm Ilahi, but she defended herself by grabbing his hand. Ilahi deceived Jordan by pretending to have feelings for him, all in an attempt to punish Jahan for agreeing to marry Seerat in her absence. Jordan agreed to help her, but Ilahi attacked him and made her escape.

Meanwhile, Jahan and Seerat find themselves at the wedding mandap, with the rituals about to commence. The priest asks Jahan to apply vermilion to Seerat’s forehead, symbolizing their marriage. However, Ilahi interrupts the wedding, claiming that it is her right to marry Jahan. Dolly, Seerat’s mother, lashes out at Ilahi for causing this disturbance. Ilahi then reveals that Seerat had attempted to kill her and shares the details of the incident.

Unfortunately for Ilahi, Seerat has framed her, and there is evidence against her. Jordan presents the evidence to Jahan, manipulating him and turning him against Ilahi. Jahan misunderstands Ilahi when the police arrive and issue a warning. In response, Ilahi challenges Jahan to expose Jordan within three days.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Ilahi using a voice-changing app to contact Seerat. She will threaten Seerat by claiming to possess evidence against both Jordan and Seerat. However, someone has already handed over a letter with evidence to Jahan, leaving Jordan and Seerat in shock.

What will happen next? Will Ilahi and Jahan reunite? Will Ilahi manage to expose Jordan and Seerat?

All of these questions will be answered in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned to for more updates.


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