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Junooniyatt 30th October 2023 Written Update: Jordan suspects Ilahi

Junooniyatt 30th October 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Junooniyatt begins with Ilahi requesting Jahan to let her stay in his room. Surprisingly, he agrees and decides to move to the guest room instead. Ilahi clarifies that they are married and need to stay together in the same house. She believes this is her chance to prove herself to Jahan and requests one last opportunity. Meanwhile, Seerat calls Jahan and informs him that Dolly has asked her to observe a Karwa Chauth fast. Ilahi advises Jahan to buy the necessary pooja items since the fast is the following day. Seerat is excited about keeping the fast, unaware of Ilahi’s plans.

Ilahi uses a voice-changing app to deceive Seerat and threatens to expose the truth about her. She demands 20 lakhs from Seerat to keep her secret hidden. Seerat is taken aback by the revelation and abruptly ends the call. Ilahi discusses her plan with Tina, who questions if Seerat will fall into their trap. Ilahi assures her that they must be cautious and hide their activities from others.

Seerat meets Jordan and shares her concern about someone witnessing their attempt to harm Ilahi. Jordan suspects that it could be part of Ilahi’s scheme. Seerat suggests paying the blackmailer 10 lakhs each to resolve the issue. Jordan proposes tracking the blackmailer’s number, but Seerat reveals that she has already attempted it without success. Jordan shares his plan with her. Meanwhile, Ilahi decorates her room, and Jahan arrives to help her apply ointment to her wound. Ilahi interprets this as a sign that Jahan still loves her. However, their conversation takes a turn when Ilahi asks Jahan to sleep on the bed. A heated argument ensues, but eventually, Jahan gives in and sleeps on the bed. Ilahi wonders how long Jahan will continue to ignore her.

Dolly seeks Bebe’s blessings, and Tina realizes she forgot to place the vermillion in the thaali. Ilahi points out that the vermillion is already in her hand. She asserts her right to observe the Karwa Chauth fast, which Seerat also intends to observe. Ilahi suggests that if Seerat fasts, her husband will belong to her. Seerat leaves the room in response. Later, Ilahi runs into Jahan and offers him tea. Jahan appreciates the sight of Ilahi adorning her hairline with vermillion. Ilahi recites poetry to him. Meanwhile, Ilahi prays to God for help in proving her innocence. Jordan arrives to provoke her, but Ilahi stands firm, vowing to expose him and destroy his life.

The Karwa Chauth rituals commence, and Tina encourages everyone to dance. Ilahi takes this opportunity to excuse herself and uses the device to call Seerat. Seerat is shocked to see the blackmailer’s call and decides to answer it in front of Jordan. Ilahi reminds Seerat that she mentioned having evidence against her and has already sent it to her house. Seerat pleads with Ilahi to save her.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ilahi saves Jahan.


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